Shoud individuals be held responsible for their INACTION?

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  • jws

    Isn't that how Seinfeld ended? Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer witnessed a mugging, but just stood their watching. So they were all sentenced to jail.

  • Fisherman
    believers in a god who chose inaction.

    Things are not always what they appear, just look at the sun. --This is what this sanctification of God's name is all about. God must answer accusations against him being idle.

  • Confusedalot

    If we believe god's aim is happiness on earth, we will be disappointed, because his aim is to rescue us from here and raise us to unity with him in spirit. If his aim was happiness on earth his son would not have been crucified and he would have stayed as a physical king forever.

    People do not understand this and attribute worldly good things to him, then neglect to do the same with bad things. Very troubling.

    He did not even save his own son's earthly life, because his focus is on spirit - because he is a spirit.

  • Simon
    Alexia Walenkaki was playing in a North London park when part of tree fell and killed her. The council had not performed checks on the tree for over a year and a half

    Isn't that similar to blaming the council for not gritting the roads in icy conditions? We have to be pragmatic - there is no way to instantly make everything 100% safe all the time. Life involves risks and sometimes there are going to be tragic accidents and it's not really anyone's fault although there's often a desire to blame someone or some organization as "surely, this must have been preventable".

    Maybe it could have been ... but someone else would have died because something else wasn't done while that was being attended to instead.

    Finite resources and lack of prescience / omnipotence. Now if some "super being" claimed to have those and didn't prevent things happening, then I think they should be blamed and deemed accountable for it. Strangely, they never are.

  • nicolaou

    Hi Simon. Yes, real life is messy and accidents happen which is a little hard to square with an omniscient, omnipresent loving Father.

  • eyeuse2badub
    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (or an almighty god) to do nothing."
    Edmund Burke

    Always wondered why jehober warned Cain but not Abel? Why did he allow the "triumph of evil"?

    just saying!

  • slimboyfat

    I think this is something it is difficult for former JWs to get our head around. Mainstream Christian theology doesn't tend to deny the problem of evil or pretend there is an easy answer as JWs do. The honest admission of many Christians is that we don't know how a loving God could allow evil things to happen. There's no point denying the extent of the suffering nor the contradiction of a loving God who allows it. And there is no point pretending we have an answer when all the answers people come up with are flawed, such as the free will argument. If there is an all powerful and loving God then we don't know why he allows evil in the world. Many Christians would agree with atheists about that. So it doesn't necessarily need to be a point of disagreement.

  • _Morpheus

    So i have a question.. i saw the op’s laters post regarding the situation that prompted the topic. Is it common in london for all trees to be inspected on some sort of schedule? It seems ridiculous to my american sensibilities to expect trees to be inspected and deemed “safe” somehow. How did the tree fall? Was the girl climbing on it? A big gust of wind? Was someone cutting it down? So many details missing here...

    If this were a random accident, the tree fell and this poor little girl was hit then the owner bears legal responsiblity (under american law) but morally its a far more detailed discussion about where the tree was, was it obviously dead etc etc,... but if the only claim of moral responsiblity is that it had been more than year since some sort of tree inspection had been done...? Seems very bizarre to me.

  • cofty
    Many Christians would agree with atheists about that. So it doesn't necessarily need to be a point of disagreement - SBF

    I couldn't disagree more.

    Christians are thoroughly dishonest in asserting things that are in direct contradiction to each other and to reality. You are trying once again to make a virtue out of a vice.

    Natural evil proves beyond all reasonable doubt that the god of christian theism does not exist.

  • cofty
    He did not even save his own son's earthly life, because his focus is on spirit - confusedaverylot

    Which goes to prove what a dehumanising cult of death christianity is.

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