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    It's another creative way of getting donations. Thanks for sharing!!!

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    Agreed! No secret who the God of the Watchtower is. The almighty Dollar!



  • JWdaughter
    Obviously they are feeling the pressure to justify all the money grubbing. I believe they are hearing the silent protests in their wallet. No one can prove anything about financial support. It's the only free speech left in the organization, for now! They will take that, too.

    Dear Brothers

    We are pleased to inform you that a new series of short videos will be produced to emphasize

    the acceleration of worldewide work of Jehovah`s Witnesses.


  • Listener

    Thanks Petra, it is a great, direct link to the letter.

    The first video feature is in relation to their self promotion at a large nautical event in Amsterdam, August 2015. Apparently it took 600 volunteers to distribute 6200 books and leaflets. I guess most people were focused on the event.

    From the official website of SAIL Amsterdam are listed their objectives, great to see the Witnesses supporting them in their endeavours.

    Within SAIL Event Partners, the SAIL Amsterdam Foundation is dedicated to achieving the following objectives:

    • Promoting the city and Port of Amsterdam, the North Sea Canal Area and the municipalities within the SAIL Area.
    • Fostering interest in classic sailing ships, round and flat bottoms, training ships and the like.
    • Inspiring enthusiasm in younger audiences in regards to sailing at sea and inland, and also in Dutch seafaring and its history.
    (Commentary attached to the following photo)
    Public witnessing at the SAIL nautical event in Amsterdam. 28 different cart locations from 8:00-20:00. More than 6200 books and brochures placed in 7 days. Photo shared by @demas.93 by jw_witnesses


    Public witnessing at the SAIL nautical event in Amsterdam. 28 different cart locations from 8:00-20:00. More than 6200 books and brochures placed in 7 days. Photo shared by @demas.93 by jw_witnesses


    So those two Jack-holes bought their own clothes, the congregation paid for the rolley-cart, there ain't a damn person showing any interest, but the WTBTS needs $$$$ because????? 😏


  • oppostate
    So those two Jack-holes bought their own clothes

    and from what can be observed they made a poor style choice.

    Bro. Morris the III would not be pleased at seeing those overly tight trousers!

  • Anakin

    Thank you Petra for sharing this information!

    they are changing strategy, instead of asking donations, they want to demonstrate what they are doing with the donations, (make a good video: be very posive about it, include a sentimental music, or song,), a good marketing strategy... But will they receive more donations? Time will give us the anwer..

    for me there is a logic answer: If You are receiving money without begging, or asking for it, it is an indication that you are really trusting in God, look at the example of mother Theresa during her live...and a lot of others... the moment you are constantly bringing the money issue as an important factor in a Christian Congregation, you really don't have the patience to wait, and trust in God as an Organisation.

    The dominant question a believer has to ask himself: Is this way of thinking of the Current WT leadership, really a real example in trusting totally in our God Jehovah?

    Without critisizing the need to be organised, my answer to that question is at this moment negative.

  • jwfacts

    The "acceleration of the worldwide work", but not the acceleration of its ineffectiveness, or the deacceleration of growth.

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