I need more faith so I've been told

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  • Chook

    I've got faith God doesn't have to beg humans for money, O I have more faith than GB in that dept.

  • Crazyguy

    None of the Old Testament characters had to have faith. According to all the stories they got to see things in action, talk to God see him face to face experience miracles. But we we have to have faith! Nope done with that. I've seen what happens to people that have faith, they die broken,old , broke and in poor health. Isn't God great!

  • Wayward

    What they really mean is 'blind faith'. Those with blind faith will:

    1) Neglect their education, settle for dead end jobs and not prepare for the future because the GB says devote that time and money to the org. "The New System is coming soon so why bother?"

    2) Will slave until they drop 'doing more' (which will never be enough) and never do anything they really want to. "You can do all that in the New System!"

    3) Will make martyrs of themselves or worse, their innocent kids, by refusing blood transfusions. "Don't mourn. You'll see them again in the New System! Maybe. If you toe the line."

    4) And will follow the slightest whims of the GB without allowing themselves to ask questions. "They're our ticket to the New System!"

  • smiddy

    The R&F need more faith , so the GB / WT corporation can extract more money out of those R&F with faith so the GB members can keep living their lavish lifestyle of being clothed and fed , with expensive watches and pinky rings , and travel the world giving talks in foreign lands and revelling in the adoration of the gullible who finance their lifestyle..

    Who could ask for anything more ?

  • Heaven
  • stuckinarut2

    Ah, they used that classic and disturbing line about "obeying the slave even if it doesn't make sense from a human standpoint"?

    Well, newsflash! The slave are just human!

  • jambon1

    They always were accusing in the tone of their talks at assemblies. You always came away feeling like you'd had your jimmy whipped.

    Never encouraging, always do more, do more. Nothing is ever good enough - as seen by the pioneer couple in the convention videos who were living 'a comfortable life'.

    What? A comfortable life? Well no, you can't be doing that. Even on the back of 70 free hours per month.

    A bunch of guilt tripping freak shows. How they can bear it year upon year, upon year, I'll never know.

  • Heaven

    This 'lacking faith' label is not just JW, it's Christian wide. Any time I engage Christians in discussions and present facts that refute their beliefs, they fall back on the 'you need to have more faith'. Then I'm told "I will pray for you."

    So far their prayers aren't working.

  • Chook

    You could ask any who say they have faith that the real measurement for faith is we all line up at the ocean shore and see who can walk the out on the water the longest distance. I have faith my balls will be wet.

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