Will Jehovah’s Witness be discouraged from watching any tv at all soon?

by Addison0998 13 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • EverApostate

    I hope that "Dont watch TV rule" is enforced by WT

    In that way my JW mom and wife may rebel and become aspostates, as they cant live withiout watching TV movies. My pipe dream

  • Vidiot

    'It was mentioned in the DC that time for preaching the good news is over. Now it is time for preparing to watch the destruction."


    I thought that as far as they were concerned, watching said destruction was good news.


    Seriously though, I'm quite certain that on some level, the WT leadership...

    a) ...is thoroughly confident that if they feel backed into a corner by "Satan's World", Jehovah will drop the Great Trib and bail them out (conveniently forgetting that according to their own eschatology, "Babylon the Great" is supposed to be attacked first), and...

    b) ...frankly, they're at the point where they'd rather the Org crash and burn otherwise (private and unspoken).

    Know how I know?

    'Cause that's every small, petty, authoritarian religious regime ever.

  • blondie

    No tv rule? How would it be enforced, unannounced searches by the elders? Have children turn in their parents? The elders will be most likely the ones to disobey, can't be saying sports cannot watch. I know brothers who run out to the vehicles during/assemblies and or conventions to keep track of sports games.

  • ShirleyW

    It's happened already in dribs and drabs. I remember back in the late 60's or early 70' our CO, Bro. Weigel, said that a true Christian wouldn't watch football games on TV because the game is so violent. So I'm sure all the brothers immediately stopped watching after he said that, right ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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