Will Jehovah’s Witness be discouraged from watching any tv at all soon?

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  • Addison0998

    I know it sounds kinda stupid and dramatic, but lately there’s been a lot of suggestive content about not watching tv. The broadcast was telling people that watching tv snares you into getting an attachment to characters, (the one where the crazy sister prayed for a tv character). And today this watchtower telling people that the only news that should be watching, or even interested in watching is the broadcast or on jw.org news room. I’ve heard many witnesses say that everything else going on in the world shouldn’t matter to us (palm to face), and that we should only be interested in what’s happening to our brothers and sisters. A few have said it’s the only tv we should be watching. I wonder if it’s going to become increasingly ratical. Perhaps convincing everyone that there is enough content on jw.org to entertain yourself, and there is nothing good left in the world to be watching. Of course, it would take a long time to get to that point, and it’s a very small chance, you just never know with this orginazation.

    And of course, everyone was talking about how we have to ignore everything in the news about us, feeling confident it is completely false. But none of them would give the benefit of the doubt to another religion being spoken of negatively. A really desperate watchtower today...

  • WTWizard

    Just try ignoring the weather on TV. That is a good way of being caught unprepared for a sudden line of strong thunderstorms, a hurricane, or blizzard while in field circus. It will also leave you unprepared for developing world conditions, regardless of what your political beliefs are. Even the most politically neutral person needs to prepare for the coming political climate, or they are going to be in Trouble.

    Yes, a lot of the news on TV is intentionally false (and designed to mislead the whole population into damnation). But, so is the washtowel channel--even more blatantly. But, you can still get some idea of what is happening in the world, what is coming here, and information that could help you prepare for that squall or to avoid that territory where someone just got shot or where that Antifa riot happened last night. Do you really want to work those territories?

  • Ireneus

    It is possible because my friend who attended DC and watched video on Jonah says: 'It was mentioned in the DC that time for preaching the good news is over. Now it is time for preparing to watch the destruction." Imhplied truth is that they must avoid all engagements that waste their precious time.

  • pale.emperor

    'It was mentioned in the DC that time for preaching the good news is over. Now it is time for preparing to watch the destruction."

    The preaching of the "judgement message" is the final act for JWs. Even if they do end up doing this, something tells me that this preaching of the "judgement message" will go on for decades or even another century. It'll actually be a self fulfilling prophecy for them. It'll make them just like the Westboro Baptist Church which will ensure that they really are universal hated... which is exactly what Watchtower wants.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    According to my youngest son who is in his mid-30's told me tv is not watch very much by young ones. It all about their i-phones. TV was the big deal for baby boomers this generations is all about i-phones. The wt. has no control over that no atter how hard they try. Still Totally ADD

  • LOLS

    My JW husband hardly watches any TV at all anymore , the only thing he really watches is Motor Sports , other than that his always busy on his Ipad on the JW.org site .

    He does however complain about any program that the kids & I watch , giving us all a reason or Lecture should I say about why TV is so bad for us & teaches people evil morals , promotes killings , sex , bad behavior etc ....

    I am very strict on what I let my younger children watch & my 13 year old son , but hey everything seems to be evil or not appropriate ... So maybe they have been warned not to watch TV .......

  • tiki

    Well they sure as Hades don't want their peeps watching Leah remini next show...

  • sir82

    The WT study yesterday seemed to be intended to discourage the watching of any news channel or source other than "JW Broadcasting".

    I would expect that message to be amplified and repeated heavily in the future, joining the regular rotation of topics covered:

    -- Obey us or die

    -- Stop watching porn

    -- Give us more money

    -- Quit complaining

    -- Do more

    -- Don't listen to anything negative about us

    -- Shun your family if they disagree with us

  • LOLS

    You forgot & Cover up for all the pedophiles ....

  • amiable atheist
    amiable atheist

    Back in the 60ies we had a circuit servant -- as they were then called -- who told us all the time that the tv-set is the eye of the devil. Families, who actually dared owning such a malevolent device, would have a tablecloth spread over it, when he had "threatened" to visit them. And back then there was no mention of apostates and the danger they pose to the faith of the flock. So, I think, it could well be that they are restricting the information access even more, and more rigidly so.

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