New data movement this is what I see as their goals .

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  • purrpurr

    This would explain why, in the 5 congs I've attended in my life the official membership numbers were around 150-200 but mostly an average of 65 only showed up and on the memorial night's it was big news if we tipped the 100+ mark.

    And yes I agree that this is almost certainly a way to flush out the faders, perhaps with the elders resorting to their old tactics of sitting outside the house in a dark car watching and stalking to get dirt on the fader?

  • sparrowdown

    Congs of 120 with 60 attending? A very common report.

    I have suspect the discrepancy lies between the "gross" (if I can call it that) amount of publishers in the area regardless of status and the "net" figure of actual publishing publishers is the reality refected in the attendance figures.

    With all figures and personal info on computer just imagine the magic numbers they'll be able to produce and use to their advantage. Very facebook of them.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    No, fading is not a DFing offense.... but 'just not be there', and they treat you as if you are DF'd. I am not DF'd, but my sister considers me "apostate"... haha! which I am, but I never talk to them about it... I just do not 'go'

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    PS, I think they want to use this data bank to check out what people are on JW.borg, and what they 'look up'.... Even when I look things up on that site, I wonder "Are they tracking how many people look up "607"?

    Or, maybe they see a trend in people looking up, "child sex abuse" and then they give a talk on it?

  • Wakanda

    I went to see if Deciphering Warship put a video up about this new data subject (DW is super entertaining), but he already had a paranoid video when they added the notes feature. There are a couple crazy ludicrous jumps to conclusions (putting daughter to bed). But there are also a couple good highlights like the girls answer at the meeting about death, the bible getting burned, ruined, torn up, run over, the Skype advertisement/product placement.... So here it is.

    Tin Foil Hat Burka Warning:

    The active/awake iPad next to the possibly legally blind girls bed while she sleeps makes me think of the websites that were caught turning peoples cameras on. Not that the they would do that. However, that makes me think of Barbara Anderson telling the story of the Jewish man that lectured and was upset with the writing department. Who was he and how was he connected? Would/could there be others directing the 'brothers' to do things that those directing could use for nefarious actions?

    Critique all you want Morph.

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