Transparency in Field Service Hours

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  • Vidiot

    All moot, IMO...

    ... the real reason for ministry record-keeping was to provide revenue services with detailed documentation of the D2D work, in order to still qualify for charitable-slash-tax-exempt status, without having to do actual, genuine charitable activities like soup kitchens or the like.

  • Diogenesister
    The phrase “some time should be spent on the ministry each month” at the end gives the game away. It indicates there were some “pioneers” who were fulfilling their entire monthly quota using time spent on assignments and none on the ministry. In order to avoid this massive loophole the society are instructing pioneers to break down their hours to indicate that at least a few of the hours reported include actual time spent on the ministry.

    You bet!

    Earnest It’s mainly just an excuse for elders and other males to retain the title of pioneer without EVER having to do any preaching and DEFINITELY not to strangers in the ministry (ie not to your own kids or other JWs kids).

    I imagine the borg is happy as it serves to keep the appointed men away from worldly people who might inform them of Watchtower’s dubious history!!!

  • Diogenesister
    I’ve been searching for that article for some time, if that’s the one that issues new organisational direction in the voice of the “Lord” himself. It must rank as one of the more bizarre WT articles in the archive.
    Gosh if they announced the hourly time counting in that 1943 Watchtower in the voice of the “Lord” then that absolutely proves they claim to be prophets - or claim that god does indeed speak through them via their Watchtower vehicle.
  • dozy

    The credits were a "godsend" to many pioneers , particularly those who always struggled to get their time in.

    A relative of mine worked several days a week on a big Assembly Hall refurbishment for a couple of years and basically did hardly any ministry other than an occasional token hour on a Saturday morning , yet kept his pioneer status. When I asked him why he didn't just come off the pioneer list and go back on when the refurb had finished, he got quite agitated. The label of pioneer clearly meant a lot to him.

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