Karma kind of makes me smile.......am I bad?

by KateWild 32 Replies latest jw experiences

  • cappytan
    But instead I offered them the option of seeing another advisor lol.

    Way to take the high road!

    You're not bad for enjoying the karma...you're only human.

  • KateWild


    Yes I had to offer another advisor, his wife has hated me for years and would no way want me to know what their problems are, but who cares I am nosey and have access to the files so I can bask in feeling good about their Karma lol

    Kate xx


    Thanks for the cheer leading lol xx

  • TheListener

    You took the high road which is why you're a better person than me.

  • KateWild

    Thanks Listener,

    hahah but if I hadn't have offered, they would be seeing me on the appointment date and cancelled or rearranged another appt. So it would have inconvenienced me as I am rubbing my hands and smiling in anticipation to see why they are suffering.

    There is no way they would be coming to us if they weren't suffering with an issue. Hehehehe

    Kate xx

  • Virran
    Swedish has the same word; Skadeglädje (skade-glädje) directly translated "damage- joy". It IS a joyous feeling :)
  • KateWild


    Thank you so much

    Happy Happy Joy Joy.....I am enjoying my day very much and looking forward to having more fun

    Kate xx

  • KateWild

    I do also find it ironic that this man who gave us advice and counsel and has power over more than 100 JWs is reduced to coming to little old me to deal with his overwhelming problems that his fellow JWs can't help him with or Jehovah can't either.

    Kate xx

  • 08out
    Must really be something for him to go outside the congregation, I'm surprised
  • KateWild
    Must really be something for him to go outside the congregation, I'm surprised-08out,

    Well not really. Once you're out you know that Jehovah doesn't help and there is not such thing as holy spirit. This type of elder is the type who spouts out the company line but knows when to get practical solutions too.

    He even lied about telling us not to go to the police and I have caught him out on a few other lies too. So if he really thought Jehovah was guiding him with holy spirit he wouldn't lie to save his skin. He is one of these elders that will obey as long as it suits him.

    Kate xx

  • Stealth

    Don't they already know that reading their bible more and praying more will fix their problems?

    They must really lack faith in Jehovah to have to seek help from a worldly source. LOL

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