Door-to-door preaching as surveillance

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  • Simon

    Good god, are we really this desperate to invent things to accuse the WTS of?

  • john.prestor

    >Jesus Christ people. I wasn't looking for a boxing match against 10 of you. Don't agree with what I have to say, fine. For those of you who critiqued what I was saying and offered suggestions, thank you. For those of you did nothing more than attack me, shove off, including you Simon. That isn't a reply, it's an insult.

  • 2+2=5
    Witnessing is used as a yard stick. The more you do, the more privileges you can earn.
  • blondie

    When an elder when my husband was out with other elders on so-called shepherding calls, they would drive by hoping to catch them stepping out for a smoke or seeing a car not owned by the person, then going up to the door and knock to see who it was. These elders were more concerned finding someone doing something bad. I can remember him telling me that they drove by and saw Thanksgiving icons on the window; the elders df'd these people. Yes, many elders see them as detectives as spiritual police. This finally was the tipping point for my hubby, out the door, no fading for him.

    The WTS would not warn the elders of being spiritual policemen in a study article if they had not already been doing it:

    14 All the elders should appreciate their position in relation to the other brothers and sisters in the congregation. They are not spiritual bosses or spiritual policemen. They do not have to pry into the lives of other members of the congregation or concern themselves with the personal problems of every brother and sister. The brothers and sisters are dedicated to Jehovah God and usually can work out their salvation in integrity. The elders are available to help when they are called upon, but they should not go beyond proper limits. (Phil. 2:12, 13) The other brothers and sisters have rights and privileges, and so the elders must respect their free moral agency.

  • btlc

    Back in eighties, when I was young and foolish and active in ministry, and when I started with database programming, I sometime daydreamed about hundreds and thousands of JW, who browse territory daily, making detailed notes about people (and their assets), their behavior, habits, state, feelings, thoughts... and collect all that data in a database, regularly updated, and how much would that database worth in a few years and who will be interested in that... WT could made billions just selling data back in time when that things wasn't regulated or prohibited :)

  • john.prestor

    Blondie, that's really interesting information, and thank you for the quote. I try to get behind the mentality of people who want to act like spiritual policemen and the only thing that comes to me is Alice Miller: they never had any control as young people in this organization, when they were policed like that, so now they get to have it as adults.

  • LV101

    j.p - ahh, yes, Alice Miller, one of the world's most renown shrinks - spot on statement.

    Great info in study article provided above per Blondie. Thanks. We've heard/read this type of behavior going back as far as H20 days. It's very sad and hurts the elders that are/were trying to serve god and be Christ-like to others.

  • Biahi

    No wonder I'm a control freak!

  • Tameria2001

    They are a nosey bunch, aren't they? I remembered something that happened to when I was engaged to my husband. Before we were married, I made a few trips to his home, we lived 2 hours from each other. Each of these trips resulted in me bringing down a carload of my stuff (mostly books) to his place. At the time he didn't live to close to any of the other JWs, but this one day they came knocking at his door. I was putting up a bookshelf and putting away a whole bunch of books. I had books dating from the early 1950's all the way through to 1993 (that's when we were married). Years earlier an older sister had given me most of those earlier books. I'm so glad I don't have them anymore, it's a real pain lugging those things around.

    Back to what happened, I was putting the books away, and my future husband was in the bathroom taking a shower. At the time he worked at a poultry processing plant, and let's just say he did not smell very nice after his shift. I heard a knock at the door, so I quickly knocked on the bathroom door, and told him he had a visitor. I hid in the bathroom, while he went to see who it was. All he had on was a bath towel wrapped around lower part of his body, It was a JW, and a ministerial servant, who came and stopped by when he saw my car in the driveway. He asked where I was at, and my future hubby told him that I had gone for a walk, while he was in the shower. I can't even believe the number of hoops that we had to jump through.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Hehe, they were in my area yesterday morning. Was in kitchen at the sink looking at them through the window as they were being ignored on my neighbours doorstep, then when they turned away the man who was with his wife and child turned and looked directly at my house and I although being at least 75 ft away though the tress separating our lots. CAUGHT SPYING !! Then 5 mins lalter as I was turning out from my street ( hoping to run into said spy's.. ) I noticed a minivan down the street with a woman clutching a magazine getting in. She froze for a second and stared at me as I pulled out. Was really tempted to drive right by them in the opposite direction and stop just because hehe. They both seemed aware of me, probably because I'm a known DA or even gasp ! : Apostate !!!!!!!

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