Let the shunning begin!

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  • Fokus

    My shunning was like a roller coaster...sometimes I was completley and udderly ignored with looks of repulsion and disgust to JW's coming up to me and saying "Dood, hope to see you back soon we miss you" and this was at an assembly. So whatever, I mean I have been re-instated for about 6 years but haven't been to the meetings for the last 2. If I remotely think about going with my wife and 3 kids (who go about 4 times a month) I become shaky, full of anxiety and visibly shaken. When I drop them off at the hall, I can't get out of there fast enough...

    So after being df'd a year I wanted to come back. I hit every meeting for 2 years, applying every 3 months only to be turned down...I think overall I applied for reinstatement 6 times before I was accepted back. But by that time I was totally enlightened and in tune with their bull. It took being DF'd and reinstated to figure out that there were something up. Taking time away from it, from the jargon and the lingo and all that crap REALLY helps...

    Now the only thing I have to get used to is every frickin person whom I thought was a 'friend' in the truth is begging me to come back...My real friends that I have couldn't give two shits about wether or not I go to church, when the next eclipse is to take place, if the pope will die this year..reality outside of the 'dubs is refreshing. Getting shunned was a nightmare. I can't go back because of this..the feeling of being hated and then the next day "HEY BUDDY GOOD TO SEE YOU BACK!!!"

    Ahhhhh...kiss my white butt.

  • Garnet

    Hi Fokus,

    Welcome to the board. I am very sorry for the way you have been treated...I am neither Df or Da and was ignored by people in the congregation also. My experience was when I got married, people were BEGGING to come to our wedding...so we invited everyone we could, spent a small fortune and we havent heard from them since! It's like my husband and I were never "good enough" JW's...ahh oh well, and like you said they can kiss my butt!

    I hope that you find comfort from all the true friends here


  • Cicatrix

    {{{{Rebel}}}} I can't even imagine what it is like to face what you face each day. My thoughts are with you.

    Onacrus-You betcha:) Rebelrouser to the core now!

    Fokus-Welcome. The last time I stepped foot in a Kingdom Hall was the Memorial of 2002. Like you, I had a panic attack. A REALLY bad one. I decided I'd rather be dead than live an eternity with people who made me feel like that. Then I heard about Silentlambs from a friend who attended my congregation, and that was it for me! I wouldn't bear the name of an organisation that refuses to protect its most innocent members! All of the rest of the deprogramming came as a result of the folks on this board. Thanks all:)

    Yesterday's Child-Bully for your Mom!

    Rocketman- I went out and bought two more blue dresses this week. It's my new favorite color-hehe.

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