Where is Jehovah

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  • DarleneGatus

    That this happened on the night that there was going to be an announcement disfellowshipping a mentally ill man might make some stop and think... Shouldn't there be more help for those suffering from mental health problems, before something terrible happens? Maybe disfellowshipping isn't a loving provision after all? At the same time, our hearts feel compassion for the victims, including an unborn baby, and the suffering of those who were harmed at that meeting. Could have been any of us were we still attending. Thoughts and prayers.

  • Rattigan350

    If he protects people like this, then people will serve him for that protection rather than love for him.

    However I learned a great lesson when watching Game of Thrones Battle of the Bastards.

    When Ramsey was captured, Sansa said she will feed him to his dogs.

    Ramsey said his dogs are loyal to him and wouldn't hurt him.

    Sansa replied 'You haven't fed them in 7 days'.

    No matter how loyal one is, they think of their own survival. If he didn't feed his dogs in a week, they will feed on him. Why would someone be loyal to someone who does not take care of him?

    Loyalty is two way street.

  • TonusOH

    As I recall, in moments like this the organization would say that unexpected circumstance can overtake us at any time, based on a Bible verse from Paul. I can recall them saying it after a particuarly horrific incident (in Japan, I think it was) where an angry husband set a fire at the entrance of a KH which did not have another exit. 87 people died that night. I often wondered about that. Ever single meeting where we had a prayer, we prayed that Jehovah would watch over our brothers around the world and protect them. Those prayers were not always heard.

  • punkofnice

    1 Kings 18:27

    On the potty!

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