Meet Joy Grant - Struggles of Jehovah's Witness Women

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  • wannaexit
    I was afraid of the length - but with these good reviews I'll be listening too
  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Listening to it right now very articulate intelligent interview love it would love to hear more like these. Bethel stories are the best, rotten at the top for sure, shameful.

  • dubstepped

    I subscribe to your podcast but this file is incredibly large at over 1.2gb or so. Couldn't play it. If you guys can use a different format more people could listen through the podcast.

  • Giordano

    I am finishing it now it is very entertaining and worth while.

  • Spiral

    Awesome interview, I listened to it twice. Thank you for sharing this!

    Now, how do I get my "still in" friends to listen?!?!

  • JT-LadyC

    @dubstepped, thanks for letting me know; let me check into this because I've got it recorded in several different formats. The YouTube video might be your best bet right now although I recorded it using BlogTalk Radio.

    Many thanks everyone for the feedback. Joy was excellent! And Barbara, thanks so much for posting a link to the video on your website.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    My wife and I enjoyed listening to this interview . I was reminded of a time when I was about 16 or so and I had to conduct the meeting for service because I was the only Male present. I had no idea what to do even though I had been a JW all my life and I was mortified to be put in charge of these much more competent older Sisters. I also remember how nice they were as they coached me along making suggestions from their seats. Some of them were Pioneers and it was commonplace for them to met for Service without Brothers during the week and they seemed to manage just fine. The Sisters were always the ones doing the "heavy lifting" when it came to the door to door ministry.

    I remember my Mother who was very smart and who was also a"Critical Thinker, being very angry when they said from the platform that the whole 1975 issue was nothing more than overly zealous individuals who made speculations on their own. They said the Society never made any claim about 1975 and scolded us about serving with a date in mind rather than simply because we loved Jehovah. During the meeting my Mom spoke up from her seat and said " Oh yes they most certainly did ! " There were murmurs of agreement here and there in the audience.  I remember her being quite depressed and stumbled for a good period of time over that and "the truth" was never quite the same for her afterward.

    My non JW Father died from not taking blood because of what he had learned while studying . His non JW sister is a RN in England and we had to visit her and explain what happened. She was so angry saying " This such nonsense about these blood extenders and the have to have the red blood cells...there's really very little that can be done without them...this was all so unnecessary and such a waste"A short time later the society came out with the "fractions" ruling which would have saved my father had it come in time.

    My Son's G-friend is a recent RN graduate. Her first hospital job orientation went into how to deal with JW's. She told us that she was told that more often than not, as soon as the Liason Committee people are gone, JW's beg the nurses not to let them die...especially teenagers. She was told to make sure to do a private follow up with patients on their own once the Elders leave.

    I agree with the point brought out about how sad it is to see X-JW's who still think Jehovah's Witnesses are right. They carry around this terrible burden unnecessarily. Thanks for all the time you and your husband invest in these videos. They are really quite enjoyable and helpful and will not only open the eyes of current JW's but will also serve to free many those who are still mentally burdened by their past JW experience.

  • Faded
    This was definitely well worth the hour of my time. Thank you for sharing your experiences Joy. And thank you Critical Thinking team. Your videos are well done & very informative.
  • Crazyguy

    Great interview.

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