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  • Gorbatchov

    Gorby is as you know a long time fader.

    Visited the convention this weekend.

    And concluded that Samuel Herds talk about hope was not so bad at all, it was well balanced. Made some good points.

    Knowing both sides of the medallion, have to admit he was humble with a focus on hope.

    The Saturday drama impressed me. Of course, there is a lot to say about the organization, this professional produced movie in a "true story" scenario, gave me the insight that hope is important for suffering people. Hope is better than no hope.

    I know that the movie was made to create this effect on people.

    It's not a bad thought, that hope is better than no hope, and this idea is still between my ears.

    Knowing that not everybody is happy with my conclusion, I write this because when they earn credits, they have to get them. Isn't it?

    Last positive point were the delegated witness from over the globe.. Good people, had some good conversations. Even for a fader it can be a nice moment for a good chat.

    Now it's time for holiday season. France, here we come.


  • TheWonderofYou

    Wish you happy holidays and I nice trip.

  • sparrowdown

    Yes, they're a cult, they produce effective cult propoganda (slow clap for WT).

  • jookbeard

    the false mad hope they give is far worse with no hope at all, far worse.

  • Perry

    Sounds like he was saying out of the side of his mouth that false hope is still better than no hope at all.

  • Wild_Thing

    One person's "hope" is another person's fear.

  • Gorbatchov

    @perry, maybe a true conclusion. What to do without hope?

    Everyone needs hope. When sickness, death and problems arise, hope can make the difference.

    That's not a JW trademark aspect, all religions say.

    Maybe it sounds mad, but Samuel Herd gave me a look at the hope subject again.

    That's not bad isn't it?


  • freddo

    In April I endured the Branch visit and UK broadcast to all KH's by Flodin and Kikot. Everyone including me felt that the only good thing about the visit was Flodin's talk.

    Yet as in all things JW I can't quite remember what it was about - just that it sounded "reasonable" - something about Christian personality I think.

    I also remember Herd at Twickenham, London 2014 and it was a personable folksy talk that was engaging.

    But if I want to derive hope from the Christian message it is not from these high up JW's with their Rolex watches, 1st class flights and entourages. For their lifestyle outweighs the words they use.

    No. It is when I hear of selfless deeds of rescue, feeding and medical aid done either in the name of religion, scripture or non-religious humanitarian deeds or in the name of the state such as the ARC that gives me hope.

  • Ucantnome

    My father had hope, I think he had faith that the end would come in his lifetime as he was told by those giving out hope. This hope went when he died as an old man. In the weeks leading up to his death he didn't have this hope to comfort him. It was a false hope and of course there were the requirements to get this hope.

  • jookbeard

    Freddo was the 2014 DC at Twickenham the last one?

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