Two old ladies sell property and donate entire amount to WTS

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  • MaybeSo

    I am enraged....

    Two older sisters sold a property and gave the entire sales amount as donation to this printing corporation.

    How much is this corporation going to take from these poor people?? These old ladies think they did a great and wonderful act towards WT as if it was given to God himself.

    Now, a family member has to use their own funds to take care of them. They could've used that money for the older sisters; last years and it would've helped with the financial burden of taking care of them.


  • slimboyfat

    If they gave away their money there's no way others should finance them. Unless this was agreed beforehand.

    Baby boomer wealth and stupidity may be the one saving grace for the GB's coffers. If they can encourage a culture of baby boomers leaving their estates to the Watchtower they've got it made.

  • Crazyguy
    Yeah, I don't think I would help much if this was my family. When times got touph for them I would say what the Borg says. Jehovah will provide, the congregation will help, go on welfare. I won't help you because you wouldn't help yourselves. Idiot's
  • slimboyfat
    It also lends a rather sinister aspect to the Watchtower's attempts to alienate parents from their children by means of shunning, thus increasing the likelihood of estates being left to the Watchtower rather than offspring.
  • cofty
    Good point SBF
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    my old dad donated £5000 to his kingdumb hall fund.

    it was subsequently sold. i darent ask what happened to the proceeds.

  • flipper

    MAYBESO- Just out of sheer morbid curiosity- what kind of a ballpark monetary figure did they donate ? ( Don't have to be exact , just curious ) I figure if we know- we can be even MORE outraged ! LOL.

    If these two " sisters " are going to give away all their money, and be stupid - let them take care of themselves instead of being a financial burden on others

  • slimboyfat

    Yeah Cofty I don't think we need to be too cynical to identify this "side benefit" to shunning for the Watchtower. Many, many forum members have faced this situation where leaving JWs means losing inheritance. Nugget for one but I'm sure I remember others. In many cases the Watchtower stand to benefit directly. Talk about conflict of interest.

    If the two sisters in the OP are counting on family supporting them then they haven't actually donated their own money. What they've done is donate other people's money without their permission. Unless this was agreed beforehand it is highly anti-social behaviour and I don't think they should be helped quite honestly. Let them and others call the family heartless if they are so dumb. Which of course they are, given the details already divulged. But so be it.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    When you hear about these kinds of things it just annoys me to the core!!
  • kaik
    At my mom's congregation, elderly woman sold her house and donated the money to KH. She went to live on public assistance housing.

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