Do you have any musical talent?

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  • Jessica Rabbit
    Jessica Rabbit

    I LOVE to sing. Mostly country but I can pull off a Stevie Nicks song now and then too. I used to LOVE going to Karoake bars. I actually had people come up and make requests for certain songs. As far as I was concerned I was in concert for those few minutes. Absolutely love it. My father and I had a band when I was 16. We even cut a record. Then like a dumbass, I got married at 17 and my husband didn't want me singing in bars anymore. Damn him!

  • maxwell

    I've replied to question like this before, but I'll do it again.

    I play the alto saxophone mostly. I played a lot in high school. And I was part of a JW band when I was in and when I lived with parents. We played mostly R&B and blues oldies at weddings and anniversaries and a few general 'gatherings'. After not playing much while going through college, I started taking lessons recently learning jazz which has always been my favorite genre of music. My teacher plays with a professional swing band. They play mostly at dances around the area. But they have started doing a few jazz gigs where dancing isn't so much emphasized and I was allowed to sit in on one song recently, so that was really cool. I may build up the nerve to go some of the jazz jam sessions some day.

    I also play around with the piano some. I bought a digital piano in the past month, but that's mostly for my own enjoyment. I might eventually get into playing the saxophone more publicly, but don't really have those aspirations for the piano.

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    Guitar here, taught myself a few years back.


  • songmistress

    I sang with a barbershop chorus for 4 years. I sing with my church choir currently. Voice is my instrument. I used to play guitar when I was a kid.

  • Mulan

    I played violin for several years, but haven't touched it since I was pretty young. Mom plays piano really well. I love to sing, and can carry a tune, but don't think I am any good at it.

    All my kids played piano for awhile, but none stayed with it. Princess played violin for a few years, and was really good.

  • arrowstar

    I sing...and sing...and sing. I'm not in a band. My singing would be more along the Broadway musical type. I would love to sing in a band. It's a dream of mine.

  • heathen

    arrowstar---------- the best way I can think of to get involved in a band is to go to the local music store. Most have a bulletin board where you can put a card describing the kind of music you like and a phone #.

  • arrowstar

    heathen - thank you so much for the tip.

  • hippikon

    I Don't have a bean of musical talent - I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket.

    But I like to listen

  • aarque

    I played the accordion for several years but had to give it up because I was getting pleats on my stomach.

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