Do you have any musical talent?

by sandy 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • sandy

    Do you play an instrument; do you sing or write music?

    Just wondering.

  • Nosferatu

    I'm the lead singer and lyricist in a band called "Apathy". I also play a bit of guitar. My fiance sings in a band called "Burnbox" and also plays piano & keyboard.

  • sandy

    Hey Nos!

    What kind of music do you play?

    I sing, (not professionally) mostly country, oldies, standards music. I cannot play any instruments though. I always think about learning piano.

  • Nosferatu

    That's an incredibly hard question to answer. In my band, we do hard progressive rock. I also spend many nights at Karaoke bars. I sing heavy metal, hard rock, oldies, and the occasional country song. I love singing Led Zeppelin tunes, they're always challenging and fun to do.

  • rocketman

    As I sing along to a song (by Supertramp) right, I have no musical talent.

  • sandy

    That is cool Nos.

    I love Karaoke bars. I'll probably go tonight.

    Do you write any music?

    What is it about singing or playing guitar that you love?

  • Nosferatu

    The best thing about singing is the challenge. Singing covers presents a challenge of being able to at least hit all the notes that the original singer does. Once you have that down, you can work on perfecting it, or adding your own style to it. I also love the response I get from crowds. With original songs, sometimes it comes out naturally, sometimes it needs to be worked with. It's always something different.

    Writing is more adventurous. I'll start writing lyrics, and I have no clue where they're going to lead. There is also the challenge of picking a particular topic or subject, and writing about it. Trying to fit lyrics with music is also a challenge.

    I don't play guitar as much as I used to, but I still pick it up every now and then. I usually just try learning new songs by ear, and occasionally I'll write something.

    Just for the record, I can't read music, nor do I desire to learn.

  • freedom96

    I sing, play a little keyboards, a little guitar.

    I will produce my own cd within a few years wth my own songs.

  • ThiChi

    I play the Bass...........

  • heathen

    I play guitar and bass and trying to get ahold of a drum kit . Also known to sing in the shower . Working on the #1 smash hit of the 21st century.

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