Chapter 31 New Boy 50 years a Watchtower slave

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  • Diogenesister

    That poor sweet child. Nineteen. Serving his GOD. I imagine going awol must have been a huge deal....surely they could see he must have been desperate. GOD help his parents if they ever woke up, which is doubtful.

    I wonder if Wheelock felt remorse about his colleague who was stabbed in his place? Or if he just woke up?

  • sparky1

    "God help his parents if they ever woke up, which is doubtful."

    At 62 years old, some of my memories are hazy. If I remember correctly, his parents had children a little later in life and I think that they were in their 50's at the time of Jimmy's death. I was the youngest in my family and my mother was just 50 when I became a Bethelite and so I compare their looks and demeanor to my mother and figure that they were slightly older than her. At any rate, they were 'dyed in the wool' true blue Witnesses and one of Jimmy's grandfather's was an old time Circuit Overseer. Jimmy had 'large shoes to fill' and I don't think he had the temperament to do so and to me, his mother seemed cold, distant and not affectionate at all, so she probably did not give him much emotional support. Kind of like Mary Tyler Moore in the movie ORDINARY PEOPLE. I never saw them after my Watchtower Farms experience, but I believe Diogenesister has made a correct observation in saying that 'it's doubtful they ever woke up.'

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