Two Jehovah's Witnesses congregations abolished by courts - Russia

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  • OrphanCrow

    Two Jehovah's Witnesses congregations abolished by courts

    Today, 11 February 2016, an administrative lawsuit by the prosecutor of Belgorod province for finding the local religious organization of Jehovah's Witnesses in the city of Belgorod to be extremist and liquidated was granted by decision of the Belgorod provincial court.

    Yesterday the provincial court issued a decision on the administrative lawsuit of the provincial prosecutor for liquidation of the local religious organizations of Jehovah's Witnesses in the city of Stary Oskol.

    The above quote is from one of 5 articles at link.

    The fourth article, DOCTORS IN COURT: "JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES DIED AFTER REFUSING BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS", gives a synopsis of the hearing in the Belgorod provincial court on Feb 8.

    Two doctors were summoned into court as witnesses in order to learn whether religious convictions have affected the state of health of Jehovist patients and whether they could be the cause of the death of patients.

    A toxicologist from the Stary Oskol city hospital described how in 2001 a man and his wife who had been poisoned by toadstools were brought to her department. The husband, who was in critical condition, immediately had a blood transfusion in order to cleanse his organism from toxins. But the woman, who felt better than her spouse, refused hemosorption and plasmapharesis.

    "The patient was conscious and she herself signed documents refusing blood transfusion. An attorney visited her and persuaded the Jehovist not to consent to these medical procedures and he promised to move her to Moscow where there is a hospital with equipment that permits cleansing the organism of poison without blood transfusion. The husband, who is not a member of the congregation, tried to persuade his wife to do everything that the doctors were recommending, but she was unmoved. The lawyer, who promised help, did not visit the next day. The woman was not moved to the capital hospital. In the end, she died from necrosis of the liver.

    "At the last moment, the woman nevertheless agreed to one of the procedures, but it was already too late. In principle, members of the congregation could have moved her to the capital by air ambulance, or have brought other equipment into our hospital which permits cleansing the organism without transfusion. But they did not do this, although the lawyer had promised. In our turn, we were not able to do anything, since we treat with the equipment that we have. And in our city hospital it is possible to remove poison from an organism only by means of pumping the stomach and transfusing blood. This incident made a very strong impression on me. After all, I could have helped this woman at the time, but I was not able to. She refused the transfusion and she died in torment, being conscious all the time," the doctor toxicologist related this sad story.

    Yet another Stary Oskol medic described the death of a Jehovist patient after refusing blood transfusion. The man was involved in an accident. Doctors did a serious operation on him, after which he died.

    "The patient had more chances to survive if a transfusion had been done on him, but an operation was not done because of extremely low hemoglobin," the doctor concluded.

    A man was also questioned in court who had nearly become a member of the congregation. The 33-year-old citizen of Stary Oskol described how he and his spouse were approached on the street by a preacher who offered brochures with articles of religious contents. The man stated that the new acquaintance described to him how it was possible to visit the prohibited website of the Jehovists to which Roskomnadzor had blocked access. A little bit later the Stary Oskol citizen learned that the literature that the preachers had offered to him had also been declared extremist. His wife reported to the police and described for the guardians of order what had happened.

    True to form, one of the Watchtower lawyers made an ass of himself.

    In his turn, the Jehovists' attorney Anton Omelchenko asked how long the man had cooperated with the FSB. When the judge overruled the question, noting that it had nothing to do with the case, the lawyer rephrased the same question and tried to get an answer from the man. When the judge forced Omelchenko to stop the talk about the FSB, he suddenly asked the witness what his faith was, stating that his beard gave a sort of hint of his religious confession. The judge again overruled the question and threatened to remove the lawyer for impertinent questions. The Jehovists' attorney Alexander Filin behaved more properly and did not pose questions regarding the external appearance of witnesses. The Jehovah's Witnesses' defense tried to insist on the participation in the trial of a religious studies expert, who would be able to describe the activity of the organization as a whole, but the judge rejected the petition, noting that it had nothing to do with the present case.

    *an unrelated comment by moi that has nothing at all to do with this topic - I sort of like the way the Russians have come up with an "ist" for the JWs - "Jehovist"

    This made me chuckle:

    "The Jehovah's Witnesses' defense tried to insist on the participation in the trial of a religious studies expert..."

    Haha! Maybe they had Monica Applewhite all lined up for that appearance.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Obviously these two congregations are the two prophets, or witnesses, of Revelation 11. After three symbolic "days" (years) they will be reconstituted and then Jehovah will take them up unto himself.

    Not only that, the announcement was made on February 11. February is the second month of the year. And it was made on the 11th day. The two witnesses were prophesied in Revelation, in the 11th chapter!!!!!! Not only that, but add 1 + 1 and you get 2, two prophets.

    I don't know about you, but I have goose bumps. I mean, do you have to have a house fall on you??

  • drawcad_1
    This is great news. I hope that the Russia continues to speed up the work.
  • millie210

    Thank you Orphan. You always find such interesting world events to share.

    I thought it was interesting that they call the JWs "Jehovists".

    Good for Russia for taking the steps they did.

  • Mephis
    Sadly not possible for a repressive state and a repressive religion to both lose the same court case. I do hope that the court cases don't lead to more mob violence and heavy handed police raids for JWs in Russia caused by one group of Biblebashing zealots not wanting competition.
  • David Graham
    David Graham
    You do know not to believe EVERYTHING you here in the mainstream media. How do we know Russia is a so called repressive state? Because we get fed this every day on our TV's. Vladimir Putin is apparently the most popular president Russia has ever had. Unlike his predecessors, he is a reformist.
    This, I believe has been demonstrated by his restraint when dealing with attacks on his country. Remember the Russian passenger jet being blown out the sky in Egypt. Then the military jet being shot down on the Turkish Syria border. Did he retaliate in a knee jerk reaction? No. In total contrast. No sooner had Paris been attacked French fighter jets were in the air that very same day! The west could learn a thing or two about Russia and restraint instead of edging us ever closer to WW3. And before anyone says WW3 is never going to happen. I urge you to look at the current provocation between Saudi Arabia and Syria. Not only that, the Russian prime minister said today that we are once again entering a cold war!
    I can tell you exactly why the anti Russia propaganda is in overdrive. Because Putin has done more damage to ISIS that all NATO countries combined. Not only that. Putin has chucked George Soros out of Russia, and is doing the same with cults such as The Watchtower.
    Go and have a look over on the news section of jw.Borg. The propaganda is parallel to the western governments is vilifying Russia and Putin.
    We are being fed lies every day. The latest being Russia is responsible for thousands of civilian deaths in Syria when a close Annalise's of this accusation actually leads to the accusers doorsteps. Its actually American forces who are responsible for the deaths, and Russia have provided evidence of this, unlike America!
    Stop and think for a minute. Assad was forced into power when his brother was killed in a car crash (I think) he didn't want to be a leader of a country. Assad's wife is British. The chemical weapon attack proved to be false, Assad did not murder his own countrymen. In fact, his fellow countrymen love Assad. Those who are fleeing from Syria are doing so, not because they are fleeing a regime. Its because we, in the west are raining down bombs on a daily basis and the Syrian refugees are running from these bombs. Our western governments created this refugee crisis, not Syria or Russia. In fact, Unlike our western governments who forcefully entered a sovereign country, Russia was invited into Syria.
    So the question is. Who are the antagonists here? I would say its our Western governments, along with our western cults!
  • Mephis
  • OrphanCrow
    mephis: ....caused by one group of Biblebashing zealots not wanting competition

    The reasons for the Jehovists being banned in Russia has nothing at all to do with "Biblebashing zealots not wanting competition" and everything to do with the Jehovists' extremist positions.

    Russia's reasons are sound. The Jehovists are an extremist organization and we know they are - they are a suicide cult that propagates doctrines that harm not only themselves but also others. Their doctrines undermine the family unit and the unity of the state.

    They don't strap a bomb to themselves and blow up other people - the damage they incur is far more sophisticated than that. They only need to go to a hospital and force doctors (like the one who testified in court) and nurses to watch helplessly while they die in agony.

    The Jehovists noblood doctrine is cruel and not just to the Jehovists themselves, but also to the people around them and the health professionals that have to treat them.

    This is not about competition to the Orthodox Church. This is about an American business that poses as a religion and hurts people.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Great!!! Once this headline makes the JW rounds, everyone will be chanting ''GB'', ''GB'' the sky is about to fall. All throughout the JW rumour mills. Scores of emails circulating with everyone in a heightened state of paranoia and anticipation. Just Great!!!

  • Mephis

    @OC -

    It is the root cause of it OC. It is non-Orthodox religions which are targeted by the Extremist laws for teaching 'superiority of belief' in a country where the Orthodox church is protected by law to the extent that they keep trying to change the constitution to codify it even further. But my last response on this one. Have a good weekend :)

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