New year's predictions for watchtower.

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  • asp59

    Well don't know if this page has tread for new years predictions or with date it starts. So might as well start now.

    My new year's prediction for watchtower would be a Big Big sell out of kingdom hall's. Been two years almost with zoom meetings. Expert have predicted convid lockdown gonna go on for years. So think they gonna start selling buildings more then ever before. Maeby they speed up new media project and it becomes ready by end of 2022. Some kind of quick building. They gonna continue losing child abuse cases. Is there any good news for watchtower? Maeby GB wakes up and discover they should not give talks, cause just makes things worse. Fat chance that gonna happen.

  • pistolpete

    The organization is going to continue to free-fall.

    More will wake up, More will leave, more will join the PIMO ranks.

    The GB will continue its fear-mongering of the Last Days.


    That train is long gone.

  • Overrated

    I predict that they will sell off Khalls but keep convention halls for that is a money maker. The zoom letter writing preaching work will continue at a laughable pace. Numbers of new ones coming in will never be what it was. More young ones will drop out. It will just be a social thing for some. It all will be Jw TV/online that is pay to watch. And Donation will be asked for. Congregation meets will be zoom units. Not sure if they will continue the elder arrangement. Maybe?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''The GB will continue its fear-mongering of the Last Days.''

    Of course. The fear of the unknown and uncertainty is what keeps the Dubs whipped in shape.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''It will just be a social thing for some. It all will be Jw TV/online that is pay to watch. And Donation will be asked for.''

    It's kinda like a membership fee, in a way. But they will imply it in a different way making sheeple feel obligated to give in order to view the online viewing.

  • slimboyfat

    If Watchtower truly had long term plans to get rid of KHs you’d think they would have made some sort of move in the past 18 months of the pandemic. The fact that they are still planning how to get back to physical meetings indicates to me there was no such plan to get rid of KHs.

    I think the pandemic is nearly over, because omicron has made it pretty harmless. JWs will be back in KHs in time for the Memorial. Hybrid meetings will probably remain for the long term. It will be interesting to see how many choose to remain on Zoom and whether they will be subject to pressure to attend physically or allowed to make their own choice without any stigma.

  • Gorb

    @slimboy we are in Holland now in total lockdown because of omicron.

    I think not much change will come for Watchtower in 2022.

    The rank and file are in last of the last day mode.

    And will get disapointed in a few year because nothing happened.


  • alanv

    I think they will continue to sell some Kingdom Halls, but not too many as they are such a money spinner. They will continue to use JWs free labour to build new ones, and then the cycle starts again with big profits for Watchtower

  • smiddy3

    Did they even do quick builds anymore prior to the pandemic ?

    This Covid 19 and its variants , business is going to with us for many years to come .i`m with those that believe they will sell off KH`s left right and centre to generate more quick money .

    And I do see them going to be a Tele- Evangelist religion and keeping big Assembly Halls in certain strategic locations around the country`s they operate in,because they are big money makers.

    With the video studio ? ,that can also be a big money spinner with the right marketing.

    As people are saying they will not ever go back to what the religion was before .

  • Overrated

    We all can predict, but who knows what the future holds for Watchtower? After all more is going out then coming in, so how can there be any real growth? And what the GB is putting out is getting more crazy. People are worn out by Watchtower lies. People vote with their feet.

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