Why Jehovah's Witnesses are WRONG about Christmas

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    Why Jehovah's Witnesses are WRONG about Christmas

    Santa Died For Your Sins!!


  • WTWizard

    I believe that their own LIE-ble implores people not to judge others for celebrating a holiday or for not celebrating it--and, since they proudly proclaim to abide by the whole book, they are bound to it.

    And Christmas is probably the most inclusive holiday on the calendar. Xians celebrate the day their Jesus was born, which was reputed as December 25. Even if that thing was really born early October, December 25 is the day that is most widely accepted. And pagans can celebrate it, since 18 of their Gods were also born on December 25. Of note, the sun starts its northward movement on December 25 after sitting on the Cross of the Zodiac the previous three days.

    And there are so many ways to enjoy Christmas. Whether you call it Christmas or Yuletide (its technically correct name), you can enjoy the lights in the area. Put some on your house, put some on your tree, put them wherever you see fit. If they are LEDs, they will provide minimal input on your electricity bill. You can go buying and exchanging gifts--I do not recommend going deep into debt for this, however. Party, enjoy yourself, or just sit quietly and relax. Even staunch atheists can do that, and they can see this as a day to enjoy and celebrate material prosperity.

    The only major article of celebration I do not recommend anyone do, regardless of religious belief, is drink driving. Do that, and you are likely to face the weekend in a jail cell and lose your license. You will probably be paying a big fine and get a big hit on your auto insurance. If you hurt or kill someone because of your drink driving, the penalties are even worse--felony charges are possible plus the guilt trip. That is the fastest way to have a dreary Christmas instead of a merry one, and a crappy new year instead of a happy one. Just a Bah! Humbug! to drink driving, and enjoy everything else you see fit.

  • Saename
    WTWizard - The only major article of celebration I do not recommend anyone do, regardless of religious belief, is drink driving.

    But can I inject alcohol directly into my bloodstream?? Please, please, can I?? Can I???

  • Finkelstein

    From an atheist's perspective, Christmas celebrations are just fun and enjoyable, a lot has to do with children's enjoyment as well. A time to socialize go out and enjoy yourself in out door activities. etc.

    I do admit its overly commercialized though.

    One thing to be observed when not engaged in rigid religions like the JWS is you can participate as much of secular holidays as you want.

  • anointed1

    Wine was not the part of Passover celebration. Jesus included it, ever since wine became part of memorial celebration.

    Hence you are right about your view about x'mas in contrast to JW view.

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    the only purpose of condemning so many holidays I suggest is to isolate JW'S from society and feed their holier than thou egos typical cult controll tactic

  • Finkelstein

    The anti Christendom ( False Religion) by the WTS. has been continually emphasized to circumvent how the JWS are more of a purer form of a righteous identifying sect of worshipers and therefore they are accordingly in appeasement to god, placing them in position for life ever lasting in paradise.

    Truer Christians " The Truth"

    Its a calculating self supporting from of propaganda to allure people to the organization and self validate themselves of that proposed purity.

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