What current movies have you seen? Give a little review if possible, aye or nay

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  • blondie

    Newest MIB next for me. I brought myself up-to-date on the older ones on cable. Here's a trailer:


  • LoveUniHateExams

    Hereditary (2018), written and directed by Ari Aster.

    A well-made, supernatural horror that also delves into psychological horror.

    Good scene half-way thru' that subverts expectations in a good way (not in a Rian Johnson-type way).

    The end is a little complicated but kinda makes sense. You could always re-watch the film if you're confused.

    I thoroughly recommend this film with one caveat: if you're sensitive, do not watch this film alone at night.

  • blondie

    LUHE, I can't watch horror movies in the day time, even with another person.

    But thanks for letting us know.



  • tiki

    I really enjoyed Mary Queen of Scots.....Margot Robbie and saorise Ronan were fabulous playing together. Then....for something so full of inuendoes you can't keep up...The Favourite. I think Bradley Cooper is soo fab....and lady gaga an amazing talent, but a Star is Born was blah...a real disappointment. That's the extent of my latest excursions into cinemazoa.

  • nicolaou

    Lion. True story about a little Indian boy adopted by an Australian couple.

    I didn't weep, I had grit in my eyes.

    (Tip. Watch the closing credits)

  • blondie

    tiki, so many movies, too little time. I thought about going to all three. The Favourite was too intense for me. And A Star is Born was too hyped, and I loved the older versions (no I'm not old enough to have seen them when first shown). Even a favorite actor cannot make some movies palatable.

    nicolau, I thought about Lion but then it was gone from the theaters when I decided.

    I am looking for it online now.

    My husband wants to go to Toy Story 4 and I like Tom Hanks, so I'll go along.

  • stillin

    I want to see "Yesterday" in the theater, just because of the soundtrack. Unique idea for what's probably a nice, lightweight movie.

  • dubstepped

    My wife and I see maybe one movie every five years or so on average. I'm not a movie guy. However within the span of three days recently we saw two movies.

    First we watched the new Godzilla movie. We both liked it as a fun monster movie. I saw reviews killing it for a lack of story but it's a freaking Godzilla movie, what did you expect? I hadn't seen one since before I was eight years old and my parents sold us out to a cult. It was a fun throwback for me.

    My wife wanted to see Dark Phoenix so we did. It was a fun watch too. If you've followed the franchise all the way through maybe you have a different view but we popped in and enjoyed it. We both liked the Godzilla movie better though.

    So there's your movie reviews for what they're worth from someone that never watches movies.

  • arwen

    I loved a A Star is Born. My new fav movie. My old fav was A Beautiful Mind. True story.

  • JayDubyaDotOrg

    I watched the second half of the Josiah movie at the convention if that counts..

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