What are the new songs that people are talking about?

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  • dogon
    I have heard that there are some or at least one new song that is way out there. What number is it or a link to it on youtube. Thanks.
  • Magnum
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    All of the new songs I've heard so far have sounded much the same and the lyrics are very preachy to the singers and listeners of the songs rather than praising or worshiping Jehovah. Full of simplistic, predictable, trite JW truisms that sound as if they are trying to convince themselves of something. They are literally preaching to the Choir.

    To be blessed we must do this and that,

    and we know that blah blah blah is true,

    If we want to be happy all our days,

    and of course we all know that we do,

    if Jehovah god is our friend,

    we must be loyal down to the end,

    bad old Satan wants us to be sad,

    and he makes us think this music is really really bad,

    We're all thinking it, you know that it's true,

    We keep our mouths shut cause that's what we do.


  • myelaine
    *pat each other on the back*
  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    This is the one that is making all the playlists of the hip JW these days. Song 142: "Preaching To All Sorts of People." Some say its a combination of Jurassic Park and The Lion King. I heartily agree. Comical really. Try to sing to that beat Brother Shy or Sister Off Key!


    Compare to 1:29 forward of Jurassic Park theme:


  • bafh
    It sounds like they've hired someone off Broadway to produce their "show"....
  • Sledge Hammer
    Sledge Hammer

    Haha, it's sounds like this: the brave and faithful gummibears


  • Incognito
    While arranged in a similar style as a Broadway show tune, at least the music to 142 is a little more upbeat, unlike some of the dirges they had included in the past.
  • possum

    No way! If I am going to watch gospel I want the real deal, not that pale imitation WT Borg shit!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wp2fGzdhX9U

  • snugglebunny

    Hilarious! So many of the older songs were lifted straight from classical works. This is the most obvious, just compare these. Beethoven would not have been a happy chappie!



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