Lots of Prophets on Here - aka Stop Giving Them Ideas

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  • berrygerry

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    7 years ago

    Besides, if the WTS went non-print, what the heck would all the dubs push from door to door?

    Single leaf tracts, like is becoming the trend

    7 years ago

    they are already making it clear that their are costs incurred at their download site, so they will still convince the dubs to provide an income stream even without the printed version. They can then burn and place a cd version with the public. The ability to generate cash flow with printed material becomes more and more of a challenge. They will not have to print out the literature because what ever technology (i-pods) or whatever is\are required will be purchased by the rank and file when instructed to do so. In the past for example many did not purchase dvd players, either because members did not feel they could afford, or want that in their homes, but as soon as the society started producing dvd's they all got the dvd players.


    7 years ago

    Each congregation will eventually be asked to consider switching to electronic download for the kool-aid WT. Then someone - likely an eager to please brother hoping for appointment at the next CO visit - will be assigned to print the magazine out for the congregation. This will, of course, go on to save the WTS millions.

  • Crazyguy
    Yep in the short time I have been on this forum I have seen them the Borg respond to criticism of them here by changing their tactic on one particular subject. I'm conviced they lurk here so see what thier enemies are saying.
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Yup, individual J.W.'s will be "encouraged" to use direct bank transfers to make donations in future - helping them not to forget to fulfill their 'pledges', and making it so much easier for the Accounts Servant!

    (now they'll find out who's being disloyal to the Org, by not contributing!)

  • stuckinarut2

    It was "predicted" on a thread a few years back that "every hall would have a large prominent JW.ORG sign displayed".

    It was initially dismissed by some here...yet now look at all society properties....

  • eyeuse2badub


    Disquieting thought. Dubs can 'fudge' the numbers on the field service report and no one really checks up on it, but when it comes to monitoring your bank account it would be very difficult to fudge your "donation" amount if the borg "lovingly" suggests a direct bank transfer. Holy sh*t!

    just saying!


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