I think my house is haunted

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  • Steel

    Things seem to go bump in the night.

    Any idea if I should talk to the elder or what they would say?

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    The only things that haunt houses are animals - bats, owls, rats, mice, cockroaches, termites, squirrels, possums; the wind; temperature variations; living people - burglers, pranksters, junkies; etc.

  • schnell

    It's not haunted and an elder won't help at all. Feel free to contact an actual ghost hunter in your area if he seems skeptical enough. He'll probably tell you what the noise is.

  • rebelfighter

    This really happened to us. We bought a very old 4 story colonial. It was my husband, myself and a 1 year old. Every night when we would go to bed after making sure that absolutely everything was turned off in thus house we would hear a very low volume radio playing. Get up go through all 4 stories again - nothing. This went on for weeks until on day when the electrician was there and I happened to mention it to him. He went up to the attic, in the crawl space was a wrap around antenna for a ham radio. Then he came down to the master bedroom checked the phone, simple solution. Problem solved we needed to replace phone with one that did not have a speaker on it because we were picking up the local radio station. House was not haunted. No ghost.

  • blondie

    Your house could be settling. Changes in temperature, quick ones, can make your house creak.



    I think my house is haunted..

    It probably is..

    Sacrifice a Chicken in one of the bedrooms..

    Spatter the blood all over the walls..

    Then call up a JW Elder and invite him over..

    Don`t say why until you show him the bedroom..

    He`ll know what to do next..

  • schnell

    @rebelfighter: Yep. A local ghost hunter in my area was on public radio for Halloween talking about cases like that. He mentioned that EMF from old electronics can have very strange effects at times, even including the sensation that you've been touched. I find that easy to believe, because I've worked in places where I was required to carry a radio, and I always always felt when there was a call about to come in. My mother, while mourning for my dead father with the old tube TV running for hours, said she felt an angel's hand on her shoulder.

    In very very rare instances, they're stumped and offer to do a ritual to "expel" whatever's there, but even then, he noted that the ritual is a psychological placebo.

  • ctrwtf

    What you need to to do is get a Ouija board.....Then ask the spirit realm if they're haunting your house.

  • Crazyguy

    Maybe you have mice or bats.

  • scratchme1010

    Things seem to go bump in the night.

    Any idea if I should talk to the elder or what they would say?

    I know this Ecuadorian lady who kills chickens and goats to let the bad spirits go from the house. You want her number?

    Also, this is what I was told to do by some guy I dated who believed in cleansing houses from bad spirits: Buy a porcelain plate. It has to be brand new, and porcelain. Also buy a yellow rose. Get a penny and a yellow candle. Go to your tub and fill it with water, spread the rose petals iin it. Go in, naked, and use the plate to throw water at you as you repeat "Bad spirits, in the name of Babalu Bayango, leave!". Repeat at least 25 times. Once finished, light the candle and pass the flame on the plate. The smear of smoke that remains on the plate will show the shape of the bad spirit. Put the plate in a bag, get dressed and take the plate in the bag and throw it in a place where you know you will never ever return. That will take the spirit away.

    Or, don't believe any of this crap I just typed and get an exterminator.

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