Why do they flee and hide

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  • eyeuse2badub

    Something that has often struck me in my morning musings is: why should “god’s people” EVER need to hide or flee in fear?

    There are numerous accounts recorded in the bible, both ot and nt, where prophets, kings, apostles and others have either been told to flee and hide or have just experienced that normal human feeling of fear and have fled and hidden instinctively. Even recently, the wtbts has produced vivid images in the wt magazine and videos of “god’s people” hiding out in bunkers to avoid detection.

    Is it just another broken promise from jehober that he will “without fail” protect “his people”? Or is it a lack of faith on behalf of the sheeple?

    just asking

  • waton

    If "god" seemingly can play hide and seek, why would you expect it be different for his followers?

  • EverApostate

    Its simple. The supposed God doesn't Exist.

  • waton

    identity theft?

  • sparrowdown

    How would religion ever control anybody if protection was always guaranteed?

    One of WT's weapons of choice is fear followed closely by obligation and guilt.

    Why? Because it works. It keeps people asleep, ignorant and obedient. Just the use of the words "flee" "hide" from an authority figure causes fear and panic, religion has known this for centuries.

  • Steel

    Given the lack of evangelical zeal for the Islamic world, I am not too sure they even believe there own hype.

  • Londo111
    The thing that makes JWs flee quicker than anything else: Questions.
  • stuckinarut2

    Brilliant point.

    Why cant the "almighty" just make "his people" seem invisible to the eyes of opposers?

    And by their own admission in the "bunker video", they eventually get discovered by the police anyways!

  • David_Jay

    That "bunker" mentality is pure cult.

    Just to use examples (whether the Bible is real or not, whether God exists or not) to compare:

    1. When God brings destruction of the wicked by flood, God has Noah build an ark of enormous size and then gather every species of animal and food to stuff inside of it. This was not done in secret but out in the open. No need to hide or worry about opposers attacking and stopping the work. There is no need for Noah and his family to take their work "underground," even though they are in the minority. No one gets captured, no crowds of the wicked attempt to stop them.

    2. God saves the Jews from slavery in Egypt in plain sight. The wicked are those that end up hiding away and suffering due to the plagues. Goshen remains in sunlight and free from disaster or attack. On the night of Passover, the Jews clearly are not hiding as they mark their homes with a display of blood. They end up being left out for recapture at the Sea of Reeds with no place to hide from Pharoah and his chariot army. But it is a trap, and God's enemies drown in the sea while the Hebrews simply walk away to freedom.

    3. God redeems his people from Babylon via an invasion from an army the Babylonians aren't even aware have crossed their borders. The Babylonian kingdom topples overnight, and the Jews, without hiding, are freed to return to the Promised Land.

    4. God saves the Jews from genocide at Purim after Queen Esther comes out from hiding her true identity. Jews stand ready to fight for their lives out in the open on Purim and win the victory. No hiding necessary.

    5. Judas Maccabeus, instead of hiding, leads an active revolt against the Seleucid empire, redeeming the Temple from pagan worship (today celebrated as Chanukah) and liberating the Jews from foreign control. (Included in most Christian Bibles as 1& 2 Maccabees, and though not a part of the Tanakh, acknowledged by Jews as genuine but not included in the JW/and some Protestants' canon.)

    In none of these situations where God redeemed his people from enemies did anyone have to hide away in a bunker. God saved his people out in the open, again and again. In Biblical fashion, the narrative is always that redemption happens never in secret but in full, public view, demonstrating God's power.

  • tepidpoultry

    If you asked a knowledgeable jw they might tell you about Christians fleeing Jerusalem in 66 CE and finding refuge in the hills of Perea, this was them being obedient to jc's instructions to "flee when you see Jerusalem surrounded by encamped armies"

    Nothing about bunkers though, maybe jws are expecting updated instructions, new light no doubt (I find their thinking in these matters rather troubling, think Waco)

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