How many wrongs make a right?

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  • Vidiot
  • barry

    One of our prime ministers once said 'Two Wongs don't make a White, not exactly politicly correct these days


  • shepherdless

    That was Arthur Caldwell, who was leader of the Labor opposition (and never became prime minister of Aust). One of the great successes of Gough Whitlam was to completely rid his party of that backward xenophobic protectionist anti-immigration rhetoric. So much so, that these days most people associate such views and the “white Australia policy” with the LNP, not Labor.

  • eyeuse2badub

    If it's wrong to donate blood to help another person, why is it perfectly right for jw's to go to a clinic and have blood work done where they extract hundreds of cc's of blood to be sent to a laboratory for analysis?

    If it's wrong to donate blood to help another person, why is perfectly right for a jw to accept "blood fractions" that were derived from the blood of another person who donated their blood to help another person?

    just saying!

  • Pistoff

    Let's not forget that the entire bible account of David is a textbook case of rewriting what was a known oral history into one that fit all the necessary parameters.

    It is obvious David was an impulsive man; everywhere he went people died, and women were stolen by him.

    How to write the account to remain true the story but see it in 'spiritual' eyes?

    Nabal, instead of rightly responding to David's protection scheme (nice sheep you got there, be a shame if something happened to them), was instead cast as a hothead and 'bad' man.

    Instead of David killing him and taking his wife, no, no, Abigail warns David, 'God' kills Nabal, and surprise surprise, David marries Abigail.

    David does not liquidate Saul and Jonathan, no, no, in fact twice David 'could' have killed him, but instead just took his garment, and later feels bad about it, and David loves LOVES Jonathan, so he could not possible be the one who kills him.

    And when a man brags about killing Saul, who in fact 'committed suicide', David kills him.

    All things to G-d's glory so far, no?

    And of course David sleeps with Bathsheba, apparently, a number of times, gets her pregnant, covers it up, kills Uriah, all things are made 'equal' by God killing the child.

    So, there you go.

    David was a fornicator, adulterer and murderer; everywhere he went, women were taken and men were killed.

    The redactors just retold the story.

    Good king David, lol.

  • Pistoff


    There are some bible characters WT really has an erection for that simply cannot do any wrong even when they do wrong and David the adulterating murderer is one of them.

    David, and his house, his progeny, are central to the Israelite legend; they can't just say he was a killer and be done with him.

    He is too important to the story, even today hard right Jewish Israelis rely on the story of him conquering the land as part of their claim to Israel.

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