Lowell Goddard - ‘treated sex abuse victims with contempt’

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  • darkspilver

    Full page width headline along top of page 14 of the UK's Observer newspaper (Sunday 14 August 2016) states

    Judge ‘treated sex abuse victims with contempt’

    Lowell Goddard accused by lawyer of walking off inquiry before ruling on victims’ applications

    Remainder of article appears to be the same as online version that is now available at:


    (The Observer is the Sunday edition version of the Monday to Saturday newspaper The Guardian)

    What's interesting though are the apparent concerns regarding new Chair, Alexis Jay, as highlighted at end of the article:

    Meanwhile concerns have been raised about the appointment of Alexis Jay, who was on a panel of advisers to the inquiry, as the new chair.

    Phil Frampton, of the White Flowers campaign, an umbrella organisation for survivors’ groups, said: “The new chair of the child sex abuse inquiry, Alexis Jay, has 30 years of working as a senior social work executive in Scotland.

    “Has anybody thought to ask the home secretary what will happen when Ms Jay is called up before the Scottish child abuse inquiry, either as a witness or as a defendant, in regard for example to cover-ups, failures to act, etc?

    “Given Alexis Jay is very likely to have to answer to the Scottish child sex abuse inquiry, this could leave the UK [independent child abuse inquiry] in ruins again.

    “There is once again a clear conflict of interest, imperiling the authority of the inquiry and its very existence. After three bungled appointments, the government is totally irresponsible with the inquiry – to such an extent one can only draw conclusions that Theresa May and Co have been willing it to fail from the off.”


    Well DubLand must have loved Ms Goddard !

    I suppose given the number of big names and heads that could roll in the UK you need a total 'nana in this position !

  • smiddy

    It just makes you wonder how far up the scale of Government / promminent people , are shielded from prosecution against child sexuall abuse , pornography , etc ,. etc.

    Within this inquiry .

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I wish they could appoint the judge who chaired the Australian Royal Commission.

  • Ruby456

    I think that is the problem mickey mouse particularly as Goddard was in Australia on work related to the Godard inquiry after she was first appointed and particularly as it is being said that we do things differently here in the UK by some prominent proponents of the UK inquiry at the moment. the plot thickens

  • darkspilver
  • slimboyfat

    The British establishment at its finest.

  • steve2

    Goddard is a New Zealander who moved to the UK following her appointment.

    The media here in New Zealand made such a grand congratulatory noise when she was first appointed with everyone sounding extremely positive.

    Since her announcement that she is stepping down from the role , there have been heated claims and counterclaims about her suitability. She recently said it would have been better to have started the inquiry all over again because of her concerns/questions about what had already been done by the previous two judges (and over which she had no oversight). For their part, her staff have said she took far too much leave to travel back home and to Australia (where she claimed to have liaised with the Australian Royal Commission of Inquiry leads). In addition, UK staff claimed she was out of her depth regarding local knowledge and law - surely this would have been considered before her appointment???

    It is a damn shame that the UK Commission of Inquiry is now into its fourth judge.

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  • Vidiot
    "...treated sex abuse victims with contempt..."


    Something vaguely familiar about that...

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