Goddard Resigns. A Big Blow to Justice In Britain

by Slidin Fast 13 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • snugglebunny

    I just wonder what names are coming to the fore in this enquiry about historic child abuse. Maybe some names that could rock the British establishment and bring into question the whole UK edifice?

  • darkspilver

    We need to point the finger at Dame Lowell herself

    She doesn't even seem to have been able to get the name of the inquiry she was heading correct in her terse two line resignation letter??


    It's 'Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse', NOT 'Independent Inquiry into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse.'


    Oh, and it's fascinating, but sad, to read the following


    Yes, I know Vincent Siemer has an agenda, and history, but still, but still.....

    That's all folks!

    DarK SpilveR

  • Saename

    Today on JW Broadcasting (read in Stephen Lett's voice):

    "We have (pause) great news (pause), our faithful brothers and sisters. (pause) Jehovah (pause) has shown us (pause) his sign of approval. (pause) In UK (pause), as some of you may know (pause), Jehovah's Witnesses (pause) have been persecuted (pause) by the government! (pause) As it turns out (pause), the person in charge of the organisation (pause) that has been persecuting our fellow Witnesses (pause) resigned because of her own (pause) indecent conduct! (pause) Can you believe it? (pause) Whenever somebody wishes to persecute (pause) Jehovah's own people (pause), their dirt (pause) always comes out. (pause) This is a great sign (pause) that Witnesses (pause) always win (pause) against worldly organisations (pause). We have (pause) God's holy spirit!"

    Imagine what'd happen if then Jehovah's Witnesses searched Internet to find out what Lett would have meant by "persecution."

  • cobweb

    A new person was appointed yesterday to chair the abuse enquiry. Her name is Alexis Jay, a social worker who has chaired an inquiry into child abuse before and has been a part of this inquiry from the beginning so she should be able to hit the ground running. There was talk after Goddard resigned that some of the aspects of the inquiry might be dropped but as far as I can tell it is all to carry on as before.


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