Any William Miller Scholars out there?

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  • neverendingjourney
    " Advertise, Advertise, Advertise, The King and His Kingdom."

    Interesting take. James Penton in Apocalypse Delayed argues he brought this focus with him from his days as a judge/politician. Elected judges were politicians and had to run successful campaigns to get elected. Back then it was common for politicians to go door-to-door canvassing for support.

  • Mephis
    @neverendingjourney. For sure. That's something Dowling picks up in his argument against Miller with the 2300 days prophecy in Daniel 8:14. Where do you start it from? You can pick any date which you fancy up to 70 AD I guess.
  • talesin

    Link to the Introductory Essay on the authors' blog ... hope it's helpful. I think it would be an interesting read.

    PS. Not a Millerite scholar, but have read Penton's first 2 books, and more on Russel. Fascinating stuff, when you start digging around the 'net.

  • JeffT
    Miller moved his end date from 1843 to 1844 for the same reason that many Watchtower dates have been moved around: he got to the first date and nothing happened.
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas
    Insanity is doing THE SAME THING and expecting DIFFERENT RESULTS.
  • barry

    Adventists today when calculating the 1844 date use Daniel 8;14 which gives 2300 days converted to years.

    The starting point for this calculation is 457 bc which is also the starting date for the prophecy in Daniel 9 which gives the prophecy when Jesus was crucified and Stephen was stoned. There is a verse there somewhere which Adventists use to give the meaning that the time period in Daniel 9 was cut off from the longer period of the 2300 days.

    The other interesting point about Millers reasoning is his calculations were made from various parts of the bible to arrive at 1844 and he believed a number of even weak points would strengthen his point of view. A strange concept indeed.

    This doctrine is still taught by the right wing SDAs but is almost forgotten by the theologians because it just can't be proven.

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