76 Year Old JW Woman Attacked by Pit Bull While Out in Service ... "Lost a large amount of blood"

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  • StephaneLaliberte
    ttdtt: We need MORE vicious dogs not less. That will make those bad dogs think twice about biting the ankle of an unwanted JW!

    This is soo funny! Yep. JWs should go door to door with pitbulls. ..... and guns. :)

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Just in case anyone doesn't get the sarcasm in my last comment: I find it absolutely aweful to see that happening to any one, including this old lady. Members of my family are still JWs and though I am not close to them, I certainly do not wish them any harm. I even find people protesting at the memorial cringe worthy. So, much more when a lady is attacked by such a vicious dog.

    But back to the joke: Carts and bull dogs. That sounds like a good mix. :p

  • Simon
    The dogs or the people they attract should be banned?

    The breed should be banned and people should be banned from owning them.

    They are far too dangerous, it's not always the dogs fault, but if they have been let down by the owner or suddenly snap, the consequences are too severe.

  • Crazyguy

    What’s really sad is while she was being attacked I’m sure she was yelling and praying to Jehovahboba her sky daddy and like so many other times he did nothing.

  • JaniceA

    Arlington is a fairly rural area -where trucks are used in FS. Dogs can be a recurring issue as there are a lot of more rural properties with big dogs. It is also filled with conservatives, gun owners and good schools.

    My daughter lives there not far from a KH (which is in a largely industrial area of town.) But she lives in town area. Not once was she visited by JWs and she works 2nd shift, so there is a lot of opportunity to catch her. Her neighborhood is safe for old ladies and small children.I

    Dogs are greatly dependent on their humans for behavior. My mom rescues small dogs that are not people friendly and tries to love them into being social creatures. It's not terribly successful in spite of love, care and dog whisperers. Can you imagine trying to remake the personality of a more dangerous breed? Too much moral and legal liability there!

  • ttdtt

    Simon - I have seen what those dogs CAN do to a person.
    It is horrible!!! I agree with you 100%.

  • stuckinarut2

    ttdtt, I see what you did there with your first comment. Excellent parody and analogy!

    Its a shame that some people did not get the point you were making.

  • out4good4


    Nice work......

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    A similar situation that happened a few years ago, was discussed HERE

    Many JW's, because of what they've read in the literature and heard from the platform, feel they are protected while engaged Jehovah's work. (rightly so)

    One JW brochure (see illustration on the lower right) indicates that the angels are hoovering above JW's as they go from door to door. Apparently they weren't watching out for vicious dogs...again.

  • Wild_Thing

    ttdtt ... you win the internet. Perfect analogy.

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