76 Year Old JW Woman Attacked by Pit Bull While Out in Service ... "Lost a large amount of blood"

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  • Wild_Thing

    4 people were hurt by the dog ... 2 were JWs. The older woman was severely hurt. I hope the old woman survives. I hate seeing another martyr die for their stupid No Blood doctrine.



  • Simon

    This story seems to have more todo with someone keeping a dangerous animal without adequate training or security.

    Pit-bulls seem to be a breed that attracts people thoroughly unsuitable to own such a dog. They should be banned.

    This could easily have been children. Let's hope the lady concerned recovers.

  • mikeypants

    The dogs or the people they attract should be banned?

  • sparrowdown

    Unfortunately irresponsible idiot dog owners are everywhere. The last congregation I attended I was with a fs group on three seperate occasions of incidences where elderly JWs were bitten by a dog. Two sisters and one couple where both husband and wife were injured. D2D work for any reason carries the risk of dog attack. So does just walking down the street or going to a park if dogs are not under control.


    I have family who own Pit-bulls and they are the most lovable dogs ....however in the city where I live viz Cape Town the incidents of attacks by PB's has been high in the distressed favela type communities where these poor animals are bred for illegal dog-fighting and for personal protection.

    I believe the problem begins with the human animal first -

    There is a good chance that your PB will be stolen from your property to be used for breeding fighting dogs - sadly.

    I too hope these attack victims make good recoveries ............

  • waton

    I know of only one case in San Fransisco where dog owners were convicted in the correct manner of the damage they caused.

    Victim protection first. Dog owners should be criminally responsible for fright, injury and death their pets cause. Then civil damages. Even if the particular animal never showed aggressive behaviour, put the owner on trial, even if it was their baby that died.

    JWs going in the service are already victims, they do not deserve to face double jeopardy.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    pit bulls are banned in the UK.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    My wife who work at a vet. Office for many years handling owners dogs by the hundreds. She always said it is how the dog is treated by its owner is how the dog will act. Pit bulls are a very dangerous bred in my opinion but can be gentle under the hands of a good owner but here it the problem many owers of these dogs don't know how to handle them or train them correctly. But then I have seen many dog owers who don't have a clue on taking care of a dog. I feel sorry for what happened to the elderly lady. We can blame the cult for forcing people into dangerous situations for the sake of filling out a time report. Still Totally ADD

  • ttdtt

    I think its my 2nd amendment right to keep vicious dangerous unpredictable dogs to protect me from liberals, my government who wants to come and take my dogs away, people who look different than me, people who think differently than me too.

    A bad dog can be stopped by a good dog! Ever watch Lassie?
    We need MORE vicious dogs not less. That will make those bad dogs think twice about biting the ankle of an unwanted JW!

    Let me tell you, imagine if that JWs had her own dogs going the other way! It would have been a beautiful thing, right, everyone is saying it.

  • DesirousOfChange

    The dogs or the people they attract should be banned?


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