Mercury, (the Messanger) on Monday.

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  • waton

    In 5 weeks, it will be Monday the 11 st of November, Armistice Day.

    During the ceremonies around 11 o'clock, am, there will be a transit of Mercury in progress., a mini eclipse.

    A sign in the sky for war- or peace makers. Co-incidence?

    Anyway, waton told you.

  • waton

    As a side note, this synchronization of the 101 st anniversary of end of WW1 and the end of the dimming of the Sun will take place just east of Calgary Alberta. of all places in the World. all the 11s together.

  • JeffT

    Do you know how big the sun is? How little Mercury is? This event happens about 14 times a century, always in either May or November. Did you see the last one? (May 2016 - and no, I don't think anybody else noticed either). The one before that was in November 2006.

  • sir82

    Yeah, I don't think even "eclipse glasses" would be of much help if you try to watch the "Mercury Eclipse".

  • waton
    Did you see the last one? (May 2016--?

    J: Yes, and the transit of the Moon, Aug 31 2017. in Oregon.

    This event is special, not because it is spectacular, but in Western North America it nearly, neatly coincides locally with the bugle, silence on Nov 11, at eleven o clock. particularly for jws that look for "signs in heaven" for heaven's sake,

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    The signs in heaven, mentioned in Matt 24 have already occurred if you believe that the bible is accurate.

    In 66 AD, the comet we know as Halley's comet appeared over Jerusalem and hung in the sky 'like a sword', according to Josephus.

    Now the real question is, was it predicted, or was it woven into the story after the event?

  • waton

    The signs in heaven, mentioned in Matt 24 have already occurred

    jj: leaving the talking snake story book aside, when it comes to astronomy, cosmology, science, we have not seen anything yet. sign on.

  • smiddy3

    Eclipses in one form or another have been happening since the beginning of time .

    Its the ignorant/superstitious people that attach any human significance to these events.

    And of course believers in the Occult

  • smiddy3

    The signs in heaven, mentioned in Matt 24, have been explained away by the WT society in previous publications as the nations engaging in their "Star wars" programs .

    Satellites ,both intelligence gathering and weapon deployment satellites and cyber attack satellites ,and the potential to have missiles in space ready to attack a perceived foe.etc,etc.

  • waton
    ignorant/superstitious people

    S: with due respect, very serious and knowledgeable people use the reliable movements of The Sun, Moon Planets to mark spectacularly happenings among us. see Stone Henge, in this case of the OP: 11/11/11 101 years:

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