New Religion where to look?

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  • Alostpuppydog

    Has anyone found any religion that makes more sense than the Watchtower organization? Obviously Catholics make even less sense than them so don't say that...

    The reason I ask is because I still believe the bible is the Word of God, but just that the JW's have twisted it for their own benefit, as most religions seem to do...

  • prologos

    I still believe the bible is the Word of God

    what is the evidence for that belief?

  • smiddy

    You need to do more in-depth research ,face the facts and stop beieving what you WANT to believe.

  • Landy

    The religion that makes the most sense is no religion.

    As those two wonderful philosophers Bill and Ted stated, just be excellent to one another.


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Just make a must_have list of doctrines you want in a religion...then start your own. You might even recruit members from this site.

  • Heaven
  • nicolaou
    Obviously Catholics make even less sense than [Jehovah’s Witnesses]

    Really? Care to explain your use of 'obviously'? It's certainly not obvious to me.

  • prologos

    Alpd, since you still believe in the bible, start at the beginning: did god asked for a religion? no, Kain and Abel started two. so, it is an unwarranted human invention. Then start checking out what really happened, Gen 1:1.-- was the Earth really made in the beginning? or 10 000 000 000 years later ? Such glaring error indicates bad book keeping, if not total ignorance of science. and the bible is just a book. so: make sure of all things, hang on to what is fine.

  • schnell

    @prologos, excellent suggestion, and I attest to it. At some point, I realized that God was pretty loose with Adam in the garden, and religion was the result of descent. God didn't even seem to quite notice at first when Adam sinned, as it says was walking through the garden in the breezy part of the day and calling out to him.

    Couple of things. This gives God a limited and physical location in our world at that moment. God is also reactive to what is immediately before him, rather than reading hearts or minds. One might argue that this is an angel standing in God's place, perhaps Michael, but it doesn't say that does it? For the purposes of this story in Genesis, this is God.

    This led me to the character of God. And that's where I'll leave you with this example. If you read the Bible from here, and come to the scripture where it says he doesn't change, you'll laugh and put it away.

    There is such a thing, also, as a personal creedo. When you are an atheist, humanist, and methodological naturalist, you are free to choose beliefs and myths to live by if you have good reason for doing so. I personally take a few cues from Zen Buddhism (which Alan Watts called "the religion of no religion") as well as Stoicism. I don't have to believe everything under the umbrella of Buddhism, particularly in the more conservative branches where it seems to be just as dogmatic as Christianity. I love the Tao te Ching, but the I Ching as a pocket fortune teller is unnecessary to me. So, I don't consider myself an "-ist" in any of these "-isms" as much as I am a nosy neighbor who likes to borrow things.

  • Simon

    The only religion that makes sense is no religion.

    But "more sense than the WTS" is a low bar, pick any lifestyle you want and there is a religion willing to tell you that you're doing enough.

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