Maybe it could be worse...

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  • Olig

    Sounds delightful! I'll give it a look in tonight...

  • Giordano

    Within it's dogma the JW's is a death it routinely oversteps normal religious boundaries by misstating scripture to direct it's members to not accept a life saving blood transfusion. The Wt's confusion about not eating blood and what a transfusion really is has killed thousands and continues to kill innocent believers.

    The bottom line is that It's the only religion that actually punishes their followers if they consent to a life saving blood transfusion as a witness you are presented with three realities:

    Don't get a transfusion and run the risk of dying or facing a certain death. Or......... accept the transfusion.......... and then be considered dead to their JW family and close JW friends.

    All of this because the morons at the WTBTS wanted this belief more then what was medically best for it's followers so the organization could set itself apart from other religions.

    They have fabricated out dated medical information like they did with bogus warnings about the dangers of vaccines back in the day.

    Established as a doctrine in 1945 it has been 73 years where a JW must make a life or death decision. Since 1960 it became a disfellowshiping or disassociating issue. There by ratcheting up the pressure considerably.

    If the death toll was only a thousand a year............... 73,000 have died before their time.

    Not finished with it's reckless medical rules the Society banned transplants for over a decade...same choice's..on going pain, suffering, dying or getting DF/DA.

  • dozy

    As cults go , JWs are kind of middle of the spectrum ( Catholics etc on the more moderate side , JWs , Mormons , Pentecostals etc in the middle , going through to Scientologists and then at the extreme end Jonestown style groups. )

    All damaging ( by definition ) to one extent or another.

  • Moster

    Another with a messiah complex

  • blondie

    I remember when I was looking for a different religion that reflected my personal views, I found none; all of them had doctrines or policies I could not go along with.

    While some have heard that Ray Franz started his own religion, it was exactly the opposite. He believed that "organized" religion was doomed to move people away from reading the bible and using their own noggin to understand what was meant. He referred me to a book by Charles Davis, an ex-priest who left the Catholic church for that very reason.

    A Question of Conscience

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