Just called into the Kingdom Hall, Speaker said he couldn't tell if anyone was listening to his talk... Well I was and what a joke

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    That "herb" made into a tea provided immediate relief for my wife while she was on Chemo for Breast Cancer ! FACT !

  • Greybeard

    Hahaha No kidding Red Pill Twice! Thats funny, yeah, I did need to take the red pill twice after a undercover op to go back and reach my wife who was so sick and on all kinds of medication with all kinds of side effects that the governing body endorse. As long as you have your prescription we cant say anything about it. That is total bull shit as you know. This religion plays both sides and talks out of both sides of its mouth. How many children died who had a prescription for blood? How many died who had a prescription for a kidney? You can break the sabbath to save a sheep but God dam you if you do to save your own child. They make you sacrifice your child to their authority.

    Oh, cannabis is ok now, you got a prescription from "satan's organization" its ok but you can't talk about it, don't tell anyone you use it. We don't talk about our medication here. We don't share our prescriptions from Satan's organization. Hush hush now and keep that to yourself... I had elders offer me prescription drugs when I was drinking beer and shooting pool with them, one who almost disfellowshipped me. Got to love it... You know who you are ;)

    Zappa, Anyone who has used it knows, sure I believe you. A cannabis drink worked wonders for my sick wife too but some JW told her she would be attacked by demons if she used cannabis and she stopped and we soon ended up getting divorced after 21 years... thanks to those who truly obey "Satan's org" when it comes to their health.

  • NewYork44M

    "he could hear the pages flipping"

    I smell apostates in the midst. Shouldn't these super dubs be looking up scriptures on their iPads? This should be a silent "flipping."

  • sparrowdown

    Last time I attended I could hear the sound of doctrine flipping.

    That's a good point, we used to be guilted into sitting up straight looking at the speaker, taking the goldilocks amount of notes etc etc how can they tell now if you're paying attention.

  • Greybeard
    how can they tell now if you're paying attention?

    Like the speaker said, he couldn't tell. That means he wasn't confident in his ability or in the message he was giving. He felt less feedback because he couldn't hear the sound of bible pages flip flopping.

    This mans voice had a voice of arrogance and was difficult to listen to. He was boring to listen to and I bet he felt it so he let it be known and blamed it on not hearing the bible pages turn. I was having a hard time listening to him but he sure woke me up when he started preaching about Cannabis saying, "some Jehovah Witnesses are using it now, its a snare, its a snare."

    My guess is someone took him and his wife out for lunch after the meeting and they all had a few beers talking about how the master is delaying. Thats their relief. But Cannabis, Cannabis is a snare. Yeah right, go have another beer. Make it a Bud cuz your Wiser lol ... too much!

    May the force be with you! :)

  • WTWizard

    With electronic devices, I think I would be tempted to put something taboo on one of those chips and use that to browse astrology sites, or whatever I damn well feel like reading. I probably would get more out of the alignment of the planets for that day, and the forecast based on that, than what the washtowel has to offer. It would probably be more accurate, to boot.

    And no, I will not donate anything toward the Worldwide Damnation Fund. With Neptune headed back to 9 Pisces this fall (September 27 or 28, to boot, depending on your location) and Saturn to 16 Sagittarius this November, this is a rotten time to donate anything to that waste. Rather, based on that prediction, you would also be better off loading some recent documentaries on silver production, price activity, and how and where to buy the stuff now before those planets render the dollar toilet paper.

  • Greybeard
    WTWizard said, "before those planets render the dollar toilet paper."

    Before this planet gets any better, I would think fake money would need to go but what do I know? How the planets can do this is beyond me but I still believe anything is possible. Maybe were all living in a huge computer matrix or something... I learn something new everyday. I am a Leo and I know that description fits me well. There are only 12 notes in music, 12 months in a year, 12 apostles, 12, 12, 12... Everything is connected they say. I am still working on the mysteries.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Hey, Greybeard, how are things?

    Dont forget, 12 to a dozen too. ;)

    And 12 on a clock....

    But there are more number fascinations.... 6 and the Fabrini thing (may have misspelled that)... (always 6 sides to a snowflake; series of 6 in flower petals....) and two (2 eyes, two hands, two ears, two nostrils, two lungs, two kidneys, two ovaries, two testicles, two... whatever....)

    And 10... 10 fingers, ten toes, ten units to math calculations...

    This could keep ya going for awhile... ;)

  • Greybeard

    Thanks Muddy Waters. just when I think I'm getting somewhere you got to Muddy the Waters lol.. J/K

    Yes that can keep me going for a while ;)

    Things are not fun right now at this moment in time but now, this moment, way better... you know how life is... no pain no gain they say... I'm surviving and building a space ship to the moon!

    Sorry I do not remember everyone on here. it has been a while but I recall your nick name.

  • marlborobarbie
    "he could hear the pages flipping"
    I smell apostates in the midst. Shouldn't these super dubs be looking up scriptures on their iPads? This should be a silent "flipping."

    It should be the sounds of fingers and nails tap-tap-tapping against iPad screen keyboards and the "bloop"-like water sounds from Samsung tablets cause no one ever bothers to turn the damn key sounds off.

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