The Danger of Settlements

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  • zeb

    Tech49...'to admit mistakes'. there is the crux of the matter.

  • Fisherman

    at least attempt

    Defendant says to Plaintiff: My offer is zero. Take me to Court!

    Judge:Why did you not offer more money?.

    Defendant: " Because I didn't do anything."

    Judge: That's for me to decide!! Can't you see we don't have time to hear your case? Stop wasting the Court's time! Court orders mediation!

    Mediator: How about offering more money than zero!

    Plaintiff: I want billions

    Mediator: How about 500 millions? Sound fair?

    Plaintiff: Not a billion but I will take it.

    Defendant: No

    Mediator: Why not?

    Defendant: Why?

    Mediator: I told you why! because 500 millions sounds fair!

    Defendant: I don't think it is a fair amount.

    Mediator: Why are you telling me this now. 500 million is only half of what she is asking!

    Defendant: My offer is zero dollars Sue me.

    Mediator: You are not cooperating. I will write that in my report to the judge.

    Defendant: Sue Me.

    After ten years of this. the case goes to Courts after parties meeting the legal requirements to try out of Court.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS has in the past paid out of court concerning pedophilia and has done so to place a conditional gag order.

    If its looks like that cant win and they are going to suffer a penalty cost anyways, its better for their own interests to pursue that direction.

    The WTS. has got the cash now to pay out those law suits so I don't see them changing course.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I have wondered, like tor1500, are "they" just waiting for all the old guys to die?

    We're some involved in the pedophilia?

    Do some of those men have information that "The Watchtower" wants to die with them? Did those men hide information?

    It seems like "The Org" always trys to hedge it's bets, to always comes out on top. WT always trys to minimize is losses, right?

  • Rainbow_Troll

    I think this all turns on terms of the settlement. If the plaintiff gets their money, no strings attached, just so the WT can avoid a lengthy and expensive trial, then I agree that they are destroying themselves in the long run as now any former JW could just say they were abused (even if they weren't) and win a jackpot. But if the WT is exchanging money in return for silence, then they are definitely getting the better end of the deal.

    Though I find it hard to believe that any victim would settle for money. If it were me I would want to do the maximum amount of damage to the organization. Money comes and goes, but revenge leaves a sweet taste on the tongue long after it's over.

  • Fisherman
    Though I find it hard to believe that any victim would settle for money.

    How true! And thank you for saying that.

  • tor1500


    Here's what I don't get....why is the org. worried about the friends finding out that there were pedophiles in the org and the reason it was never told to the police is because the org. didn't want to bring reproach on Jehovah's name. (a name they gave themselves, but that's another thread).

    As much as they flip flop their doctrines and all the stuff that leaks out...the building of a new facility, over millions of dollars, selling of properties...the friends know they have money, but they like to stick their heads in the sand, but their butts are still in the air...and still can be seen....If they came forward like the catholics, many would stay. I've said this before on other threads...the Catholic religion was exposed and who knows how long it took and how many payouts there were before it was public? Even so, there are still Catholics today.

    They don't have faith in God nor their congregations....tell the Truth...because isn't the org...THE TRUTH..

    I wonder when they will run out of steam....

    As I said maybe the org. is holding out until this regime is dead and then can come out and tell the truth....but Does anyone on this site ever think the org. will be xposed liked the Catholics...I mean honestly...I have read all over this site about the law and if the defendant says this, will they take the money and so on....but the bottom line is will it ever be known....publicly, because don't fool yourself folks, many of the friends know...the silence gives it away.


  • smiddy

    Though I find it hard to believe that any victim would settle for money.

    I agree it would be Ideal for victims not to settle however

    I think we have to appreciate the strain and stress that is put on these victims for a very long time and not knowing when or if a judgement in their favour is ever going to eventuate '

    Remember court cases cost money and if they should lose they could be decimated whereas the WT organisation has any amount of financial $$$$$$$ at their disposal

    It could be quite daunting for victims.

    I think we should be more sensitive to the mental stress that victims go through.

  • Landy
    Though I find it hard to believe that any victim would settle for money

    I find it hard to believe anyone would write that.

    It's a civil case - it's only about money.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Landy: It's a civil case - it's only about money.

    I could only give one "like" to your comment, but that's not enough. You deserve few more.

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