The Danger of Settlements

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  • Fisherman

    In Court, it is all about minutiae, and what may have the appearance of triviality, can legally matter a great deal in compensation amount, or verdict.

    Neither party in a civil legal dispute is required to settle before a trial is completed and the court reaches a verdict resolving the legal details of the case, both parties can reach an agreement and settle out of Court before the end of the trial even though the case is in court. Such a settlement is a resolution of the legal dispute.

  • stuckinarut2

    Remember, the society is just trying to buy time until the big day of Armageddon comes and rids the earth of all the pesky legal systems giving them trouble...

    So, their mentality is to simply tread water until the day "Jehovah saves them from all of this satanic persecution"

    THAT is why they are not thinking long term...

  • berrygerry

    It is Risk Management 101.

    Automakers are the most prominent. How much will a recall cost vs how many deaths and negative publicity?

    With over 20 in-house volunteer lawyers, WT will fight until they know that they will lose. The publicity of a loss is as much a consideration as the amount.

  • tor1500


    Folks do this when there is an auto accident....Some will go through the Insurance company and police report. Others will settle with the cost of the damage. They both say let's not report it to the insurance company so our premiums won't go up....why is it not reported and settled outside the police and insurance company...ok everybody....let's say the word(s).....TO AVOID... that's why folks settle to avoid....trouble, whatever, save face...just to name a few.

    There was a saying back in the day....many who may have lived during Malcolm X's time....he once made a statement that really shows how the org. thinks....BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY...they will save their rep. any way they can....even if it means the lives of children who will eventually become messed up adults....these same messed up adults will stay or come back to the org. because they are so messed up and won't fit anywhere else...The org is creating their own depressed new converts...

    They could be holding out until GB or when all the Gov. boys die and so when it will eventually come out they will say, it was the old regime...see we had to wait on God to get rid of the big we are God's org....see wait on Jehovah...



  • berrygerry


    Is that you, Dad?

    (I haven't heard that word in a coon's age.)

  • tor1500

    Hi Berrygerry,

    Nope, I just use that word instead of cussing...I have another oldie...Tom Foolery....


  • stillin

    I like phooey

  • Fisherman

    How much money does a Plaintiff put in the bank after successfully suing someone? Lets say the Court awarded someone 1.9 million dollars; that sounds like a lot, but attorneys don't work for free and neither do expert witnesses and doctors and therapists and everybody else and and all the expenses, etc; they take a big chunk of the money. The Plaintiff goes home with a lot more than he came to court with -and tax free- but don't figure that out of 1.9 million a Plaintiff will take home a big lump sum, he has a lot of expenses to pay and what is left, he keeps for himself.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Rule of thumb, I think, is one-third for the lawyers, two-thirds to keep.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    If a lawyer works off of contingency it can be based on levels. Some lawyers will say if a lawsuit is awarded the first X number of dollars is at Y percentage, then the second set of dollars is at a different percentage and so on and so forth. So the attorney may be taking a number of different percentages at different award levels all for the same case.

    Also, many courts require that plaintiff's at least attempt to settle the case out of court. This is because the back log of the American Judicial System. Also, there is non-binding and binding arbitration and mediation that many courts require plaintiffs and defendants to go through before a case can be docketed. Many times the arbitration and mediation would lead to an automatic non-disclosure agreement because it was not adjudicated in a court.

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