Closest to the truth?

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    I know many JWs that state that the watchtower corporation is the 'closest to the truth'.

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  • alcyone

    When leaving JWdom there are 3 basic paths you can follow:

    1, Standard Christianity: if you accept historic Christian doctrine, either Evangelical/Pentecostal, Catholic, EOC, mainstream Protestantism...

    2, Atheism: Rationalist / materialist path - you reject faith in God or you stay as an agnostic.

    3, "Half-JW": In case you are neither rejecting faith nor accepting Christian Orthodoxy (nor even liberal theology). Still you believe in JW specific doctrines - Unitarianism, Paradise on Earth, ...

    Of course, many other paths could be followed (some people end up as Muslims, Buddhist, pagans; or in the camp of extreme political views), but these 3 represent basic types we usually meet.

    Typically people that are "Half-JW's" use the argument "closest to the truth". It does not make sense for an atheist or for a standard Christian to utilize it, but people still attached to the WTS theology, even through they reject "slave class", could feel this way.

  • punkofnice
    I feel sorry for those that are out of the cult but still believe in its nonsense. It must be hell on earth.
  • Heaven

    clambake said: I have always found it funny that average JW feels this superiority to the average Christian because they believe they have figure out all the prophetic books of the bible but in no way shape or form could they even start to explain the bamboozle.

    I have Catholic friends and acquaintances that do exactly the same thing. They base their superiority on the fact that theirs is the original Christian religion.

  • punkofnice
    Heaven - The superiority is obvious in most religions I've seen. The whole thing about 'we'll pray for you...' whereas well meant, is also saying 'god won't listen to you, he likes us better.'
  • careful

    PON, thanks for the thread.

    When I was in and gradually discovering the corruption of the org, I remember having a conversation with one close bro. that I could open up to about it. Our conclusion was as you put above. So I asked him, "OK, so starting this Saturday when we go out in service, we should tell the householders, 'Come on, join up with us. We've got all sorts of issues, but we're much closer to the truth than the churches are'?" He got visibly upset. Last I heard, he's still in. Some years after this conversation, after I'd faded, I visited him at work and he cut me off (a real Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde routine). The truth was just too dangerous for him...

  • punkofnice
    Careful - Well, that's his loss. He's lost his will to a corrupt corporation that bleeds people dry then kicks them to the curb.
  • Cosima

    A quest for "The Truth" would include rational thinking, conference with those holding different views, a record of every footstep and corner taken to determine what is true, and a willingness to be wrong.

    Otherwise, a belief doesn't even qualify as an educated hypothesis. It's all posturing and creation stories.

    Truth can't exist where ignorance reigns.

  • Phizzy

    I think the "closest to the truth" expression that JW's use is revealing, it shows that they are aware of problems with the Org and its teachings.

    Notice this variation on the same theme "This organization isn't perfect, but it's definitely the only one that's as close to serving Jehovah as possible for now."

    The above was on Cappytan's Thread about his Coming Out letter.

  • blondie

    I think the WTS cancels any non-Christian religions and then any that teach the trinity.

    *** g88 11/22 p. 19 The Socinians—Why Did They Reject the Trinity? ***

    Hounded by the Catholic Inquisition, Socinus traveled northward. In Poland, he found a small group of Anabaptists who called themselves “The brethren . . . who have rejected the Trinity.” To Socinus, this religion was clearly the closest to the truth of the Bible. So he settled in Kraków and began to write in defense of their cause.

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