We helped a boy in a car crash last night...made us think about things

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  • LyinEyes

    Last night we were coming home from a night of dancing,and came upon a really bad wreck, a young man, had flipped his jeep, several times and his car was on fire.

    We must have just missed the wreck, because there were two cars there that saw it and they didnt know what to do......I told my hubby as we stopped to see if anyone had called 911 yet, and asked him to ask if anyone needed first aid. I am not in the medical field but I know enough first aid to help until the EMT arrived. They said yeah, and so I jumped out and crossed the road,,,,,,, then the car started to really catch fire and one man pulled the man our of his car.

    The man , looked just a little older than my son, so I keep saying boy,,,,,,,,was in alot of pain, but amazingly he only had a gash on his forhead, and wasnt bleeding profusly. I just sat in the tall grass in that ditch and held his head and neck stable so he wouldnt injure it worse. He was in alot of pain, I am pretty sure his left should was broken and he most likely had a neck and spinal injury because he was complaining of pain on his whole left side. But he was cohearant and knew what day, month, year, his name, etc.

    He told me his name was Brandon and he had an exwife with a little two year old girl. He was dressed in the same style my son dresses, with a nice Fossil watch with an orange face, and a Fossil wallet. It broke my heart to see this boy this way, and I prayed he wouldnt have any permanant injuries. I thought of my son who is getting his first car in a few weeks and thought dear Lord, life is so short , please I beg I never have to see my son like this. I thought of this young man's family and how they didnt even know it yet , but that at least this kid was gonna live, hopefully he will not have any paralysis.

    I saw blood running down his face and was just looking him over in case he was bleeding somewhere and didnt know it,,,,,, and I looked in his ears to see if there was blood in there, but all I saw was a pool of tears.

    When the paramedics got there, my hubby had to help them carry the boy up the steep hill and I was holding the flash light , I noticed a book on the road among the several parts of the car, it was the book "what to expect when you are expecting" , not a book a young man would have you would think , but then again he said he had a two year old daughter. They told me just to put the book and his cut off bloody shirt back in his jeep and he could get his stuff later.

    We got in the truck and headed home,,,,,,,,we talked about the fragility of life, the human nature we have to help someone in trouble. Even at our own risk,,,,,,, I mean we all ran to help him , and the car was on fire, but I know I didnt even think of that , it wouldnt have stopped any of us from helping him. It was just second nature. I believe in God, at least I mostly do, and things like this makes me feel that God put that love for life, to help each other in us, and to feel compassion for each other.

    So many times, you would hear stories from the platform, saying that a young brother was out living a double life, and got killed in some kind of accident and they would say if only he would have been where he was supposed to be , maybe it wouldnt have happened. Or a brother didnt dropped the ball , so to speak and instead of being regular at the meetings the family missed alot. This was a true story they told at a circuit assembly. The brother let his little 7 yr old ride her bike that night they were too tired to go the meeting, so they missed it. The little girl got ran over and killed that night and the brothers sobbed , if only I had been at the KH , she would be in this chair right by me and not gone, it is my fault. It made me sick to hear this. This brother would be ate up with guilt the rest of his life and the brothers are making sure that he does feel guilty and they used it on the stage , this families tragedy to make us all scared to death to miss a meeting, for something bad might happen to us. The JW God , is do it or you will suffer greatly, and it is will be your fault not mine.

    I am sure that is not how God sees people at all. This boy, was in pain, he had tears ,,,,,,, I have to feel that God is not so calloused as to say what the JW's would say , like they do on the platform all the time. I know if my son, had done something really bad earlier in the day and we got a call that he was in an accident,,,,,,, all of the days events earlier would disappear because I would be worried about his life at that point. I wouldnt be thinking ....... well he deserved it for being a bad kid. That is not love and that is what JW's teach.........they teach a God that is out to get you and pay you back for the bad things you do. You can never do enough for the JW God.

    It's just funny how one incident like last night can help open your eyes even more of the self righteous thinking of JW's. I walked away from that crash and that boy, feeling good that we were there to help and feeling that even thou we were all strangers on that road , we were connected somehow. Our skin color, our age, our sex, it didnt matter. I really do think that we do have a humanity in us that maybe was put there by God, because it just comes out of us , without us even thinking about it ,,,,,,we feel complelled to do something without hesitation.

    I just thought I would share this with you, and it was just an event that made me think , it made wonder about how God really sees us down here on earth.

  • dmouse


    Thanks for sharing that, I'm trying to type, wiping tears from my face. Sometimes the humanity of humans gives me the shivers.

    You are the reflection of 'God'. and I don't even believe in God. Things, events, like this, as you say...make you think.

  • shera

    Thanks LyinEyes,

    We have many great people on this board and your one of em!

  • Simon

    Thinhs like that do really make you stop and think and take a little more care.

    On my regular route home from work a week or two ago the road was blocked by a coupld of cars smashed up, one upside down. It was a bad bend where you often get idiots overtaking one too many cars. Who knows what happened and who's fault it was?

    We never think it will happen to us but it could and I can't imagine leaving my family alone. I worry about their future and hwo I would cope if anything liek this ever happened to them.

    I guess we just have to be as careful as we can be.

  • JeffT

    A few years ago we lived on a small country road that led to a lake. Just after I got home from work, one summer day, I heard a screech of tires and screams, about 300 yards up the road. I went to investigate almost immediately. (I thought maybe somebody had hit a dog or deer or something). When I got there, there was a pickup sideways in the street, one crying girl being given first aid by the neighbors another girl in a heap on the road, and a bunch of teenagers standing around.

    I made sure that 911 had been called then tried to do what I could ( I thought the unconscious girl was dead). Turns out they were driving home after playing at the lake. Several of the kids were standing up in the back of the pick up when the driver took a curve to fast and lost one of the girls over the side. He then slammed on the brakes throwing the other one out.

    I heard later that both survived, although the more seriously hurt girl may have some neuro-motor problems. All I could think of that night was that in a few years my youngest would be driving. Seeing somethng like that really does make you think about things. The idea that somebody would push the idea that God's going to kill a kid because of something like going to a meeting is repugnant. The truth is that sometimes young people (hell even older people) do stupid things and hurt themselves.

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    Way to go Lyin,

    Amnymore people are too afraid to get involved. Feels good to play good Samaratin doesn't it. I'm proud to say that I know you, if only by your avatar and posts. Truly caring people are few and far between. Bravo to both of you.

    I know exactly what you mean about the "if only" arguments of the jdubs. I busted my heel once playing softball and one of the elders told me tht if I had been out in field service instead of associating with worldly people I wouldn't have gotten hurt. What a bunch of creeps.


  • Francois

    Jeff, that's cause young people are still immortal. I remember what it was like, being immortal 'n' all. It's a scary thing when you come around and realize you're not, and start reviewing all the things that could've gotten you killed in your "immortal" phase.



    I'm so sure that young man was extra comforted, given your caring and warm personality.

    You probably helped him out in more ways than you'll ever know.

    So sweet Lyin'Eyes and Hubby, as Thunder said: Good Samaritans, indeed.

    Good to see that there are people like yourselves around, unselfish, caring and act out of their general concern for their fellow human being.

  • BadJerry

    thanks for sharing this with us, from time to time we all need to hear. "slow down". Do something in your life that you can sit back and say I've accomplished something that makes me feel good and by it, it made someone else feel worthwhile.

    We are all God's creation, being loved by giving love.

    from IMANALIENTO logging on to hubbys ID

  • Shakita


    I have four kids. Two have already graduated high school. I taught them both to drive and will be teaching my 16 year old to drive soon. I can't tell you how many times I have laid awake at night worrying about my kids when they are out driving at night, or are with their friends in a car. I share your worries about your son starting to drive soon, in my case it will be the third time around and I don't feel any better than the first.

    Six young people have died in car crashes in the past month in our area. I makes my heart ache when you see the newspaper articles with pictures of the friends and family crying on each other's shoulders visiting the crash site, the parents attending their child's funeral. It is beyond comprehension what these families must be going through, I can not imagine the pain. I am not sure how I would ever handle anything like this, I don't know if I am strong enough to survive the death of my child. It is every parent's nightmare. And, this happens year after year with the teenagers who think that they are indestructable, that it always happens to someone else. It is such a tragedy when a young life is snuffed out before they have a chance to really live.

    This kid was very lucky that you guys got him help sooner rather than later. Every minute counts in accidents like this. Hopefully, he will be ok thanks to your actions and concern.

    And......I hated the JW fear and guilt mongering stories of horrible things that happened to people because they stayed home from the meeting, were inactive, etc. Just a bunch of horsehockey aimed at maintaining complete control over the lives of all JW's.

    Mrs. Shakita

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