Anthony Morris Says The Governing Body Is Not Dogmatic, But Simply Must Be Obeyed If You Want Jehovah's Blessing

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Warning lots of Compartmentalization going on, with huge leaps in logic and a whole lot of just beleive me because I say so.

  • carla
    I couldn't listen to this guy longer than the 2 min mark, how do jw's listen on a regular basis?! uggh
  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder
    Carla - they are trained to appreciate the "pure language".
  • ttdtt

    What, you see a conflict in that?

  • ttdtt
    What a kind and loving face though:)
  • galaxie
    His body language speaks volumes, anyone speaking to encourage others in the wonderful works of jehovah via the faithful slave would surely... most definitely speak and gesture with a joyful uplifting self believing manner. This guys eyes are dead and demeanor morose... I see no uplifting joy in imparting his words of be obedient and obey ... or else !!!
  • Finkelstein

    Not really surprising in what to expect from a leader of a religious institution.

    To appease god one has to remain close to his earthly organization and serve within it ...... bla bla bla

    Listen to a talk a from one the GB members of the Mormons and you pretty much will hear the same thing .

    Whats so pointedly obvious though is that the WTS leaders weren't obedient to god concerning proclaiming or setting specific times on god's own sacred time.

    ......... but I guess the Watchtower Corporation had to sell literature.

  • Virgochik
    I made it to three minutes before I bailed. What's going on with him, I wonder. He's almost mumbling, as if extremely tired or ill. Maybe he's exasperated with having to explain his point to the riff raff. They should just do as they're told. Send in the donations, do as we say, and we'll all get along fine!
  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    Could have done without "To Whom Do We Belong" in the background. Nice Nazi Regime overtone to it though.
  • fulano
    They even don't believe in their tales themselves. What a sad history this for all of us.

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