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  • LoveUniHateExams

    But when you have people like that, your scruffy friend and intelligent J.W's, how do you cut through their Shield ? - Generally speaking, we can't.

    My scruffy bearded friend basically thinks there are fewer women in STEM because that's how they're conditioned by society.

    It's funny because after he'd talked about STEM for a little bit, I brought up the male dominated prison population. He then said I was cherry picking data! Well, wasn't he doing the same??!

    Total lack of self-awareness. XD

    There are other categories that men dominate, I didn't bring up in our discussion but wish I had:

    Sewage workers


    Homeless people.

    Why would a tyrannical patriarchy imprison vastly more men than women?

    Why would more men than women kill themselves under a tyrannical patriarchy?

    Here are the factors that help explain the prison population ...

    1. Men have more testosterone and are thus more aggressive than women, on average.

    2. The distribution of IQ is different in males vs females. Mean IQ is identical but females dominate at and around the mean whereas males dominate at the tail ends. What this means is that there are more low IQ males than low IQ females, and by a wide, wide margin. I don't remember the exact ratio ... it may be 5:1 or 8:1 or 12:1, but you get the idea.

    There must be other factors but one that isn't a factor is gender bias or sexism on the part of judges.

    A personal question for you, but pertinent to the above, did you always have good critical thinking skills, or have these only been awakened by Uni ? - Well, I'd say my critical thinking skills started to awake as I was leaving the WTS and were already pretty good, though not brilliant.

    Uni helped a lot but so did this forum, at least as much as uni, probably more so.

    You don't get a piece of paper saying you're clever but you can learn a lot here.

    I also pick up bits and pieces elsewhere - for instance I learnt all about the Apex Fallacy from an Aussie youtuber called Independent Man. He's pretty good, with that Aussie dry sense of humour.
  • Xanthippe
    By this time, I was starting to raise my voice, not out of anger or because I'm some kind of bigot, but because I am passionate about certain issues and because I was starting to doubt my own sanity as I was sinking further down in this quagmire of a conversation. XD

    I read your whole conversation and thought it was interesting how immediately weird the guy became when you argued about gender issues with him. Just wondered why you yourself are passionate about discussing gender?

    With my daughter, she joined the feminist society at uni and sometimes she seems over the top with her views. That's even though I consider myself a dyed in the wool feminist, in other words the idea that men and women aren't equal never occured to me growing up and when I came across sexism in JWs I was shocked.

    I've read very little feminist literature, I find it depressing. I did try to read the Female Eunuch years ago but stopped when she talked about eating your baby's placenta.WTF? So just wondered why the passion about gender issues as someone who probably hasn't been treated as inferior due to gender, or perhaps you have?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    why you yourself are passionate about discussing gender? - well, apart from it being a free speech issue it's also a matter of science.

    All the available data show that there are plenty of differences between men and women, in terms of anatomy, genetics and behaviour. The view that we start off as blank slates is wrong because the data suggest otherwise.

    Studies have shown that male babies tilt towards things and female babies tilt towards faces.

    And here's the concern: people who hold 'blank slate' and 'gender fluid' and other radical views dominate on campus and are having negative effects on society in all sorts of ways.

    These people aren't harmless.

  • Xanthippe

    I agree with just about everything you said but what do you mean it's a free speech issue?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I meant that people who hold views outside of 'we are all blank slates' are prevented from speaking on campus after initially being invited, or else shouted down by 'activists' protesting in the name of free speech. XD

    Take a look at this ...


    Trigglypuff called Christina Hoff Sommers (who is a professor and 'second wave feminist') a rape apologist because CHS looked into the claim that 1 in 4 female students are sexually abused on campus. CHS found the real figure to be 1 in 50.

    BTW well done for refusing to swallow feminism unthinkingly.

    Here's an example of British feminists - the singer Kate Bush congratulated Theresa May two years ago for becoming PM, sorta like 'it's good to have a female PM' ... and feminists totally ripped into Kate Bush on social media because in their view Theresa May is the wrong kind of woman. XD

    Insanity ...

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Re the issue of free speech here are two more examples ...


    ^^^ From 3 mins 55 secs, notice how the two students are interrupting Rubin with their gormless chanting. They're trying to block Dave Rubin's right to free speech.


    ^^^ a bunch of activist students walk out and damage the sound system, trying to stop the event for everybody else.

    In the lobby, one of them says that the professor's views are facsist and must not be tolerated.

    So yeah this is a freedom of speech issue across the Western world.

  • Xanthippe

    Yes to walk out on a lecture after merely being told most men are taller than women is ridiculous. There were some badly behaved students in those videos. I see it as the pendulum effect. Are you familiar with the pendulum effect? That when there has been a grossly unfair situation as there was with unequal pay, unequal opportunities and women not being believed or being blamed for rape it leaves a bad taste for decades.

    What I find weird is things have improved dramatically since the rise of modern feminism in the 1960's (I know feminist ideas have been around much longer) that it seems many haven't caught up. Sometimes I say to my daughter, you should have lived through the seventies when I grew up. Then you'd know about sexism, I say to her, watch some old films for god's sake. Watch some documentaries to see how women who took the first contraceptive pill were treated. As either whores or career women who hated children.

    So now the pendulum is swinging crazily back the other way and it seems out of control but eventually it settles and the pendulum will be in the middle. Hopefully this will happen with feminism. A lot of students were behaving well in the vids, the vast majority in fact.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I hope you're right, that the pendulum will swing back to the middle.

    The trouble is, radical feminists, trans activists and other cultural Marxists want to destroy our society.

    You hear feminazis say it openly - "smash the Patriarchy!"

    Plus, the loony activists who walked out that lecture are about 18 or 20 years old - they haven't experienced real oppression.

    These are people with dangerous ideas.

  • MeanMrMustard
    My bearded sparring partner asked them if they felt oppressed, or if they were encouraged to study whatever they want at school.
    They both said "no" - i.e. they felt discouraged.

    I felt this should have been explored a bit more..

    The language was general and leading, I think. Were they asked what they wanted to study? Could they list it? Why can’t they pursue this course? Are they being prevented in some way? Do boys need the same “encouragement”?

    I’m not sure if the video above featuring Christina Hoff Sommers is the one I’m thinking of, but there is one out there of her speaking at a university. Some feminist in the audience laments the lack of women in STEM. And she asks the obvious question to the female student: what are you studying? She listed something, can’t remember exactly, but it was far away from STEM. When asked why she didn’t enroll in a STEM field, she responded that she wasn’t interested. You could feel the collective face palm...

  • _Morpheus

    Deaths in battle

    Men 97.7%

    Women 2.3%


    Men 62%

    Women 38%


    Men 77.9%

    Women 22.1%


    Men 77.4%

    Women 22.6%

    Workplace deaths

    Men 93%

    Women 7%

    College graduates

    Men 40%

    Women 60%

    Winners of custody

    Men 17.8%

    Women 82.2%

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