Viruses Killed The Woolly Mammoths.

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  • peacefulpete

    Doropoffkeylee, said a mouthful. 10 minutes of googling can go a long way in understanding the state of the science on any topic. Mammuthus was a genus with quite a few varied species living over millions of years. The last species known was the woolly mammoth. It was largely extinct thousands of years before the mythological flood of Noah was supposed to take place. This includes the frozen specimens and tusks found on mainland Siberia. The few hold outs of pygmy mammoths on islands off Russia were wiped out by hunters and habitat loss. IOW there was no one reason for the disappearance of the genus, species died out millions of years ago to as recent as 4000 years ago. They went extinct for the same reason species do today. Climate change, competition, predation and disease.

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