Sorry to bust anyone's bubble but the "bible" was written by misogynist desert nomads attempting to explain life

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  • Vidiot

    @ everyone on the previous page...

    Considering that when viewed objectively, virtually all mythological "heroes" (Hercules, Beowulf, etc...) were abusive, mysoginistic pricks, is this really so surprising?

  • Phizzy

    Welcome Park Ave Boy,

    Your Thread Title is one of those phrases beloved by people who themselves have just had their bubble burst, has that happened to you perhaps ?

    It really is an oversimplification. The Bible is a collection of Texts spanning centuries, each was written by someone with an agenda, and using whatever knowledge he had, along with whatever skills he had as a writer of, mainly, fiction.

    You are right, if you are saying it is not the Infallible Word of God, I am not sure we have even one regular Poster on here now who would claim it was.

    Even so, for me, though I am an Atheist, it is a fascinating, unique collection of writings, that I continue to study from time to time. We do not have anything else quite like it. Yes, it is fictional "History", it is doubtful morally, it contains much that is execrable, but it still fascinates many people like me.

    Purely from an academic point of view.

  • RubaDub

    My bubble was just burst ...

    Sealing up the windows in the garage and getting the keys for the car.

    Rub a DUb

  • Heaven

    park ave boy... glad you saw through the BS at an early age. Kids can spot crap a mile off.

    I find it fun to watch the faces of Christians when I show them nasty scriptures in the Bible. Many believers haven't read the Bible and are unaware of these since they are maneuvered through the Bible by the various religions they belong to. All religions cherry pick scriptures to support their agenda. Reading the Bible away from any influence is an eye opener. It tends to create non-believers.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated
    I dealt with lot and his daughter recently. This is a story made to explain the Ammonites and Moabites as bastards... in the story the women are not portrayed as 'bad'... they truly believe YHWH desttroyed everyone but them so their acts was self preservation of humanity... in the story. It is the work of a Jewish Hellenist i beive.. Yes Samson is modeled after Hercules but you already knew that

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