Does Anyone Elses PIMI Family Do A "Not Christmas" Day?

by pale.emperor 16 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Moster

    There was never allowed any such thing at our house! Are you kidding?

    We hosted a kids costume party one time and the elders had a fit - mimicking the worldly Halloween parties was the accusation. Never any fun when I was growing up.

  • Biahi

    We never did any such thing...I wish we had, maybe I wouldn’t have felt so left out.

  • ToesUp

    Our family does "not Thanksgiving Day" and "not your Birthday Day." Christmas and New Years? A gathering...with food and drink! lol

  • WTWizard

    One idea: Celebrate it on December 23. If they want to bash the holiday and those who celebrate it as "pagan", let's go all out and use the original Pagan date and do it then. Exchange the gifts on December 23, and have all the festivities then. Then, when December 25 comes, they can go to all boasting sessions and tell the hounders that they are not celebrating Christmas. All, technically without lying because they are celebrating Yule, not Christmas.

    In this situation, everyone except joke-hova wins. The congregation gets the "no Christmas", the children get their presents (2 days earlier than everyone else, to boot), and the proper Yule date is observed. And, while they are at it, they can move the other holidays to their proper places and celebrate those as the Pagan religions once did. Easter can be moved to the Vernal Equinox--Astaroth's Day. Lammas Day can be celebrated in much the same way Kwanzaa is today--the first of August. (It is the day of the harvest.) About the only holiday that this will not work well with is Halloween, because that is relatively unchanged and the date is still October 31.

  • Saxon

    I know of plenty of families that will have a roast, get out the special vino, tub of roses/quality street etc... basically Christmas without the tree and presents.

    Kids in my area used have a "anniversary", whatever that was? Cake, jelly, games, maybe a bouncy castle, all in a hired community hall.

  • carla

    "Kids in my area used have a "anniversary""- you mean an anniversary of their birth? gasp! in other words or much like the rest of the world a 'birthday'?

  • Saxon
    A couple of relatives and myself had "anniversaries" but they weren't on our birthdays. So what they were anniversaries for, I have no idea? 🤣

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