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  • Jason Melita
    Jason Melita

    Hey everyone. So a few weeks back I getva knock at the door, I could tell they were JW immediately, its always obvious. I think its just a regular door knock but at 5.30pm i did think it weird. They open by asking if my name is Jason, Which I found weird since that is my name. They continue to introduce themselves and from which congregation they were from and that they were just wanting to talk to me about the organisation and how it has changed for the better since I was a child being raised in it. So they knew my name and that I was raised a JW. S9me background, I was never baptised and left when I was 15 with my last meeting being at 17, I am now 29 years old. What the Fuck??????? Does anyone know what the hell they were trying to do? Any of my family in the ORG know hiw out spoken I am in regard to the ORG. Anyways would appreciate any feedback you might have. Thanks

  • JWdaughter

    Maybe an excuse to DA you? I left when I was 15, too. Never baptized. Wasn't speaking out other than to tell elders I wasn't going to progress any further. Maybe a sibling wants you officially cut out so they will inherit without having to share? They know you won't hold back, right? Crazier things happen.

  • smiddy

    It sounds to me like one of your relatives is trying to satisfy his/her self that you should get back in the" truth" or have you cut off from the" truth" once and for all.

    After all they are a wierd mob..

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    They- the WT- does occasionally have "campaigns"... to "reach out" and "help people come back into the truth" to satisfy their conscience that they have "done all they can" and "now you know how nice and loving they are.'

    I would not be outspoken to them... just blah, blah, blah them along. and disappear. Give them nothing... yes, it can be used against you to get you DF'd, disassociated, and then separated from your fam', maybe -as JWdaughter said- to keep you out of the will.... as NOWadays, "you can give everything to the Society when you die, and their lawyers will help you write your will for free!

    Take care, be careful!

  • Jason Melita
    Jason Melita

    Thanks for feedback everyone. Its not a will issue. More likely to get me dis-ascociated. I have tried to tell my Dad some facts and ideas of my own and I have been unofficially shunned by my 2 JW sibling for a while now but they prob want to clear their own conscience and if its official they will feel better inside hahaha

  • stuckinarut2

    If they do come back, be polite but take control of the conversation in a dignified but non-committal way.

    "Thanks for popping in. Just curious, how did you get my name and details please? (allow for brief response)________OK, thanks.I hope you take care and have a nice day. Good bye"

  • freddo

    Hi Jason - never being baptized was a good thing for you.

    It could be your relatives getting the local elders to try and "help" you - what with the end being so close and all - or if they are from your old hall then they might be going through all the old record cards.

    Typically the Secretary has a file with record cards - for baptised and unbaptised publishers - in it going back to the year dot.

    So when someone drifts away/goes inactive/dips under the radar without judicial action then their record card will be put in the inactive section.

    Every so often - the elders will go on "a drive" to reactivate and reach out to the "inactive ones." And of course they can count their time doing so.

    This might be triggered by any or all of:

    1. A relative (remembering the Return to Jehovah brochure) phones up and says "will you give Johnny a call?"

    2. Annually they're supposed to call on the DF and DA to see if they have any thought to coming back and keen bodies of elders will occasionally add the "inactives" to that.

    3. The CO's coming and this particular CO might tell them to have a go at reactivating the "inactives".

    4. A bright keen spark on the body might decide to have a go at reactivating the "inactives."

    5. They are trying to smoke out a "sinner" - usually only baptised ones but if they think you are contaminating the sheep they might go for an unbaptised publisher. In this case they turn up around hallowe'en looking for pumpkins on the porch or near Xmas looking for inflatable Santa or Xmas trees.

    As an unbaptised publisher you shouldn't be treated the same as DF ones but of course some uber dubs love to shun!

  • tiki

    It seems odd to me in that you never were dunked and left as a kid. My guess would be some uber dub family member wants you back in the can't be da'd or da'd if you never were officially a member...

  • honest

    They can't dissasociate you if you have never been baptised. Don't worry your are safe unlike me or others who were baptised as children and have that idle threat over us at all times

  • ToesUp

    Maybe it's desperation for new members. They are bleeding young ones and the old are dying. They really said the org has changed for the better? That's funny! People are leaving and the publicity is not good (child abuse). They are cultier (is that a word?) than ever!

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