A …prophet...voice of God…or ??

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  • MacHislopp

    Hello everyone,

    To begin let's start with some ... reminders:

    “The truth will not allow for all the different kinds of religious doctrine in the world…There can not be two sets of truth when one does not agree with the other. One or the other is true, but not both. Sincerely believing something and practicing that belief, will not make it right if it really wrong.”

    --" You can live forever in Paradise on Earth", pub. 1982, page 32.

    “If our worship is to be acceptable to God, it must be firmly rooted in God’s Word of truth. Jesus reproved those persons who claimed to serve God but who relied heavily on the tradit- ions of men in preference to God’s Word”

    -" The Truth that leads to Eternal Life" pub. 1968 , page13

    *** w60 7/15 439 Staying Awake with the "Faithful and Discreet Slave" ***

    Again the awake world-watchman, the “slave” class, must undertake another world educational campaign following their restoration as witnesses after 1919. Such a global work has now been under way for more than forty years and is reaching its fruitful culmination. The facts show that during this time and up to the present hour the “slave” class has served as God’s sole collective channel for the flow of Biblical truth to men on earth. Just as the early Christian congregation collectively served as the channel of communication from heaven to earth, so in our time. (Eph. 3:10) Abundant spiritual food and amazing details as to the doing of God’s will have been flowing through this unique channel actually as a miraculous evidence of the operation of holy spirit.

    Let's start with the year 1957, and take this article:

    *** w57 6/15 370 Overseers of Jehovah's People ***


    6 Jehovah has established a very definite channel of communication through which he deals with his people. In the time before the flood he used Noah, and it was vital for all to recognize that fact in order to be saved from the world cataclysm of that time. (Heb. 11:7)

    At the time of Israel’s exodus from Egypt it was Moses through whom God dealt with his people. When they recognized the theocratic arrangement Jehovah’s blessing rested upon them. However, when they took a merely human view of this provision of God they brought trouble upon themselves. Such was the experience of Miriam, who was smitten with leprosy for her failure to recognize Jehovah’s arrangement with respect. Others, such as Korah, Dathan, Abiram and the men with them, were cut off in death for their self-willed independence. And even those who sympathized with them brought upon themselves divine disapproval, 14,700 of them being cut off on one occasion.—Num. 12:1-10; 16:1-35, 41-50.

    7 Let us now unmistakably identify Jehovah’s channel of communication for our day, that we may continue in his favor. Listen to the inspired answer to the situation, in Matthew 24:45-47 (NW): “Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics to give them their food at the proper time? Happy is that slave if his master on arriving finds him doing so. Truly I say to you, He will appoint him over all his belongings.” And has he?

    Yes, particularly since 1919 has it been true that he has appointed the collective body of the anointed remnant over all the visible interests of the Kingdom. The “slave” then became responsible not only for ministering to the needs of the anointed body members but also for taking on the responsibility of preaching the good news of the established Kingdom to people of all nations. (Matt. 24:14) Such is true not by their determination of it, but because God himself has so directed. “God has set the members in the body, each one of them, just as he pleased,” is the way it is pictured in 1 Corinthians 12:18 (NW).

    It is vital that we appreciate this fact and respond to the directions of the “slave” as we would to the voice of God, because it is His provision."

    Just in case things were not so clear, two years later, in 1959, it was stated, published and publicly taught about "God's prophet" identity :

    "The Watchtower " 1959 January 15th pages, 39-41

    Down with the Old-Up with the New!

    Whom has God actually used as his prophet?By the historical facts of the case Christendom is beaten back in defeat. Jehovah's witnesses are deeply grateful today that the plain facts show that God has been pleased to use them. ... It has been because Jehovah thrust out his hand of power and touched their lips and put his words in their mouths... "

    Only, 13 years later, in 1972 , it was published and taught publicly , that "... Jehovah has a prophet..." and that, "...Jehovah's Christian witnesses.." as a "... group acts as a "prophet" of God..." :

    "The Watchtower" 1972 April 1st page 197 'They Shall Know that a Prophet Was Among Them'

    People today can view the creative works. They have at hand the Bible, but it is little read or understood. So, does Jehovah have a prophet to help them, to warn them of dangers and to declare things to come?


    These questions can be answered in the affirmative. Who is this prophet? ... This "prophet" was not one man, but was a body of men and women. It was the small group of footstep followers of Jesus Christ, known at that time as International Bible Students. Today they are known as Jehovah's Christian witnesses. ... Of course, it is easy to say that this group acts as a "prophet" of God. It is another thing to prove it. The only way that this can be done is to review the record. "

    And to make things even more clear, it was published, in 1973 the following:

    *** w73 7/1 402-7 Praise Jehovah with His People ***

    4 Consider, too, the fact that Jehovah’s organization alone, in all the earth, is directed by God’s holy spirit or active force. (Zech. 4:6) Only this organization functions for Jehovah’s purpose and to his praise. To it alone God’s Sacred Word, the Bible, is not a sealed book. Many persons of the world are very intelligent, capable of understanding complex matters.

    "... How very much true Christians appreciate associating with the only organization on earth that understands the “deep things of God”!

    5 Direction by God’s spirit enables Jehovah’s servants to have divine light in a world of spiritual darkness. (2 Cor. 4:4)

    7 Furthermore, this organization alone is supplied with “gifts in men,” such as evangelizers, shepherds and teachers, who serve God’s purpose in connection with the spiritual development and welfare of his people. (Eph. 4:7-16)


    13 ... Jehovah’s Word and true Christian publications inculcate God’s righteous laws and principles. So read and study them regularly. Cherish the spiritual guidance they furnish. Be like the psalmist who said: “Blessed you are, O Jehovah. Teach me your regulations. . . . For your statutes I shall show a fondness. I shall not forget your word.”—Ps. 119:12-16.

    16 If we truly appreciate Jehovah’s earthly organization, we will remain loyal to it, knowing that the organization is his. If we were to leave it, where else could we go? There is no other organization that is doing the divine will or that is educating people for life everlasting. When many abandoned Jesus Christ, he asked his apostles: “You do not want to go also, do you?” Peter replied: “Lord, whom shall we go away to? You have sayings of everlasting life; and we have believed and come to know that you are the Holy One of God.” (John 6:66-69)

    18 Faithful, appreciative ones wish to offer a fine “sacrifice of praise” to God. (Heb. 13:15) But how can this be done? Seek Jehovah’s help in prayer. Guidance by his holy spirit is needed to aid sheeplike persons and to do one’s best in the ministry. So pray for God’s spirit to rest upon you. Jehovah graciously grants it to his dedicated servants who make this plea. Jesus Christ stated: “Therefore, if you, although being wicked, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more so will the Father in heaven give holy spirit to those asking him!”—Luke 11:13.


    22 When conducting informative Bible studies with interested persons, endeavor to cultivate in their hearts an appreciation for God’s Word and his organization, the Christian congregation. For instance, when a problem arises and the Scriptural solution is found in a Christian publication, the Bible student might be asked: ‘If Jehovah’s organization did not give us Biblical understanding in matters like these, we would not know what course to take in order to please God, would we?’ Such thought-provoking questions can be used with telling effect. They will make the student think and realize the value and importance of the Bible and of Jehovah’s organization.

    23 ....Show them how those associated with Jehovah’s earthly organization walk in spiritual light, have God’s backing and direction by his holy spirit and enjoy his rich blessing...."

    Again and again "God's holy spirit " is " directing " ... " guiding "...and

    "...enables Jehovah’s servants to have divine light.."!!

    Then in the year 1985, it was stated, published and publicly taught - and still valid up to this year 2003 - that "...Jehovah's Witnesses do not claim to be inspired prophets. ..."

    The quote from book " Reasoning from the scriptures" published in 1985, page 136, declares:

    "Jehovah's Witnesses do not claim to be inspired prophets. They have made mistakes. Like the apostles of Jesus Christ, they have at times had some wrong expectations....

    It is true that the Witnesses have made mistakes in their understanding of what would occur at the end of certain time periods, but they have not made the mistake of losing faith or ceasing to be watchful as to fulfilment of Jehovah's purposes....

    Matters on which corrections of viewpoint have been needed have been relatively minor when compared with the vital Bible truths that they have discerned and publicized. "

    Please note that now, in 1985 , the things published and taught worldwide as "TRUTH " concerning "the cronology" of events were only ...." mistakes in their understanding"

    and some matters needed : "corrections of viewpoint .."!

    Yet, another 3 years later, in 1988, it is published that ,

    "...Jehovah God speaks also through his earthly organization..." :

    *** w88 4/1 31 Is Obedience Always Proper? ***

    When our heavenly Father, Jehovah God, speaks, whether through his Word, the Bible, or through his earthly organization, it is all the more important for us to listen and obey, thus proving that we are obedient worshipers who do not ignore the loving reminder: “Did you hear me?”

    Few more year passed, and we arrive in the year 1993, and now, more astonishing than ever , these " teachings/informations" that were published are called: "...suggested dates..." and can also " turn out to be incorrect..." but the JW's :"

    "... never did they say, 'These are the words of Jehovah ..."!!!

    "Awake!" 1993, March 22nd pages 3-4

    Why So Many False Alarms?

    Jehovah's Witnesses, in their eagerness for Jesus' second coming, have suggested dates that turned out to be incorrect. Because of this, some have called them false prophets. Never in these instances, however, did they presume to originate predictions 'in the name of Jehovah.' Never did they say, 'These are the words of Jehovah "

    All this raises an important and fundamental question:

    How is it possible, in the year 1993, just 34 years after 1959 , to publish and teach publicly, worldwide , something totally

    in contraddiction with :

    "The Watchtower " 1959 January 15th pages, 39-41

    Down with the Old-Up with the New!

    Whom has God actually used as his prophet?By the historical facts of the case Christendom is beaten back in defeat. Jehovah's witnesses are deeply grateful today that the plain facts show that God has been pleased to use them. ... It has been because Jehovah thrust out his hand of power and touched their lips and put his words in their mouths... "

    Unless mistaken, those written words, in "The Watchtower" of 1959,

    stated that: " ...Jehovah thrust out his hand of power and touched their lips and put his words in their mouths... " ( - their - i.e. ' Jehovah's witnesses ')

    Then, in 1995, after many and many years "..the creator's promise of a new world order within the generation.." - the "1914' s generation" - is no longer published, in the masterhead of the "Awake!" (from the issue of November, 8th 1995).

    Nevertheless ,only 3 years later, in 1998 it was published and 'given' for worldwide teaching in all the congregations the following:

    *** w98 7/15 p. 14 Beware of a Lack of Faith ***

    20 If we do not respond positively to Jehovah’s “voice,” clearly expressed in the Scriptures and Bible-based publications, we will soon find ourselves “drawing away from the living God…”


    *** w98 7/15 p. 14 Beware of a Lack of Faith ***

    21 How happy we are that Jehovah is still speaking to us today, through his Word and his organization! We are grateful that “the faithful and discreet slave” continues to help us to “make fast our hold on the confidence we had at the beginning firm to the end.” (Hebrews 3:14)”

    Then , if we have still any doubts, we are given this reminder :

    *** w 03 3/15 p. 25, *Applying the lesson today, (paragraph 19) – Watchtower' study for Sunday 4 th May 2003 -

    “ Do I patiently wait on Jehovah when answers to lingering questions seems slow in coming? It is vital that we make good use of the spiritual food that is avalaible today, so that “ we may never drift away.”(Hebrews 2:1) When Jehovah provides direction by means of his Word, his spirit and his earthly organization, let us listen carefully.

    or this: And her prophets have plastered for them with whitewash, visioning an unreality and divining for them a lie, saying: "This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said," when Jehovah himself has not spoken."

    I do hope ...you 'll like it.

    Greetings, J.C. MacHislopp

    "Veritas odium parit " (Terenzio, Andri, a. I)

  • figureheaduk

    I tend to think of them as false prophets (amongst other things). Not really sure why.........

  • DJ

    Of course, it is easy to say that this group acts as a "prophet" of God. It is another thing to prove it. The only way that this can be done is to review the record. "

    Mac, good post.

  • ClassAvenger

    Are most witnesses aware of this stuff, or are these things that are just in the shadows, never spoken about?

  • COMF

    The Witnesses practice Doublethink (ref. 1984, by George Orwell).

  • artful

    Awesome post Mac!

    I think you have assembled one of the most powerful 'Doublethink' examples I have ever seen as it pertains to the WTS and their claim of prophet status.

    Thank you for your efforts, I will save this in my files!


  • Latte

    Thanks Mac for posting yet more excellent references. I intend to use this to info wisely....

    This is the kind of stuff which can help dubs see the truth....great!

  • anglise

    Thankyou Mac for another brilliant posting with all the research.

    The WTBTS gets away with this because it is very hard to dig all this information out and collate it.

    We tried to research the org before we got involved back in about 1982 but this sort of thing wasnt available and of course neither was the internet, and so the most we could find where doctrinal arguments published by trinitarians etc. The rest of the JW idea of a P/E and "wickedness no more" appealed and seemed to make sense especially with their - as we now know - carefully selected bible verses to back the story.

    Off course once you are in the org you are kept too busy to do any other extra reading and any voice of dissension however muted is quickly and effectively silenced with the "satan misleading you/disloyalty" tack.

    Fast forward 18 years and we started to find out the real truth about the "troof" as have many thousands.

    This sort of posting and research can potentially help many more thousands avoid the heartache and problems experienced due to the WTBTS and their lies and cover-ups.

    Another one to keep.

    Thankyou Mac


  • Hamas


    Evidence they claim to be God's prophet one minute, yet say they are uninspired the next.

  • blondie

    Good research, JC!

    All keepers.

    Yes, JWs have selective memories. I think it was stated that the WTS did a survey through the COs and found that only 30% of the JWs ever read their own publications. It is not surprising that these gems slipped by them.


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