Did You Know “Weird JWs” When You Were In The Organization?

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    I knew at least 3 sisters that seemed to see god's hand in literally every aspect of their lives and weren't shy about sharing the details of these interventions in casual conversation as well as in 4-5 minute comments on an unrelated paragraph of the watchtower study. Experiences included deciding to go out in service instead of going to the store to buy toilet paper when, wouldn't you know it - she found a roll of toilet paper in the street.

    Just to make the point that this kind of lunacy isn't restricted to those with low IQ's, I'll share the following story.

    I made friends with a guy a few years back who is devoutly religious. Although we don't share much in common, our senses of humor overlapped and we were able to strike up a friendship.

    He is incredibly smart. He has an engineering degree and a law degree, both from top-20, super prestigious universities in the US. He graduated in the top ten percent from both schools. He'd gone on to become the head of the legal department for a very large company and was obviously well-off and successful.

    He just couldn't wrap his head around the fact that I don't believe in God. I was honest with him about my JW past and he told me he has cousins who are JWs but that they stopped talking to him once they converted and became JWs.

    In any event, he kept trying different ways of "helping me understand" that God exists. On one occasion he shared the following story to show me that God exists.

    Once when he was in law school he went on a date with a girl. They stopped to have a meal before heading over to the movie theater. The food didn't sit well with him and he had instant diarrhea. He had already gone to the restroom once and found himself sitting down at the movies trying to fight the urge to run to the restroom again. So he prayed to God to help him find a way out of the situation and not too long afterwards someone pulled the fire alarm and they evacuated the movie theater. In the chaos, he was able to sneak in the restroom unperceived and heed nature's call a second time. He later caught up with his date in the parking lot and they decided to end the date and go their own way. Crisis averted. He didn't have to face the humiliation of having his date realize he had diarrhea.

    The sad thing is that he was saving that story. He had to work up the courage to share it with me and he only did so because that was his best "proof" of God's existence. This is a guy who could take a legal brief, think through it logically, and tear it apart a hundred different ways. But when it came to the religious, a simple anecdote like that was sufficient to "prove" God's existence.

    Nice guy, nonetheless. I was a groomsman in his wedding. He didn't have many friends. He married some woman from a town of a few hundred residents who looked like she was plucked right out of the cast of one of those fundamentalist Mormon shows, long hair, dresses to her ankles, no makeup. She had like 10 siblings and all the girls dressed the same. Some traveling preacher put them in contact with one another. She's actually a lovely lady and cut her hair and started wearing jeans once she was married and out of the house.

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    Oh wow, so many weirdos so little time.

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    I know what you mean about having rid yourself of toxic people once you left the religion. I also have memories of what you said about sometimes having to deal with these types on a job - but as you said you aren't expected to 'love' them like in the religion.

    Did you know that the JW religion has more disturbed people today as a result of them being recruited within the last fifteen years or so? Yeah, studies were started with homeless types etc. to fill empty seats in the halls.

    The problem is: what kind of promises were made to them by the stupid Witnesses? Were they told they were going to be 'taken care of'?.. This is a lie really unless some STUPID sister turns herself into a taxi service, targeted by screwballs to do favors or give $... This is in addition to the users already IN the religion.

    When I "faded" seventeen years ago, there was a better class of people in the Witnesses and any eccentric persons were not as bad as what has come recently. I would not even want to be introduced to some of what's in the religion now. I'm glad I'm not there anymore because there's no way I'd tolerate it.

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    We had a man that started attending meetings after my brother in law paid him a visit. He admitted that he was a recovering addict and suffered from schizophrenia. My brother in law kept telling us how every time he would go to his house for a study, the guy would tell him that Obama would speak to him from the TV and would tell him to kill my brother in law. Not sure why he kept going back but he managed to get this guy to give his first talk. After that we never saw him again. This was years ago. I bumped into him a couple of weeks ago and he recognized me. He still calls me brother. LOL

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    Did you know that the JW religion has more disturbed people today as a result of them being recruited within the last fifteen years or so? Yeah, studies were started with homeless types etc. to fill empty seats in the halls.

    That's difficult to imagine. I feel bad for my family that's still in.

    I stopped going to meetings in 2005. There are a handful of good friends who I legitimately miss, but they were few and far between. I didn't have much in common (other than the religion) with most JWs and I never had much patience for those who willfully abused the congregation's trust, the perverts, the power seekers, the gossips, etc.

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    Oh YES!

    Where do I start??

    I can honestly say that only once have I ever seen a "normal" person from our community attend a meeting (a memorial) He is a well respected accountant who I had business dealings with. He runs a reputable firm in our area.

    He only came once, and I waved hello from the sound cabinet. Weeks later when I saw him, I asked him how he felt about the program, and he simply shrugged his shoulders and shook his head.

    Never saw him again (LUCKY GUY - dodged a bullet)

    Now, in contrast, I have LOST COUNT of all the oddball, social misfits that become witnesses!

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    Great thread if I should say so myself

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    James Mixon

    This sister was weird before she became a JW and once she got purified (baptized), twilight time. When JW's talk about how weird another JW is, that is weirdness to the highest degree.

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    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Walking into a Kingdom Hall like:

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