talked again with co worker jw study

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    thanks guys for the advice. I gave him the 5-15 -84 wt and told him to look up the mast head on the afake till 94 I also told him to look up "nations will know i'm jehovah Pg 216. He likes to say " happy birthday " when he brings you a load of work he finished prepping for me to finish. so I told him NO MORE BIRTHDAYS FOR YOU HA HA. AND YOU WILL HAVE TO SHAVE THAT FACE HAIR. AND WEAR A TIE AT THE HALL as he had a printed button down shirt to wear to the hall. I told him they will try to change that. I'm trying to tell what they will expect from him before they ask him to do this and that. i azsked him about donations and he told me he has not gave a dime. I told him listen they will be asking for $$$ and pledges etc. pay attention what ever you do they will allways next week ask you to do more ie leaving your job for 2 hours to go to the meetings.. he told me I have something wrong in my brain as I talk about the wt so much. I said if you knew what I know about the wt you would never step foot into that place. i told him about the love bombing i think he is getting. everything is good and we are still friends and I kept it very lite. the other workers asked were he went but I didn't tell. seems the boss has giving him a pass to step out. i get the feeling they are not getting this guy to become a jw that maybe he just goes to hang out and look for woman. i'll just keep feeding him info in a lite way and see what happens. JYD

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