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  • JunkYardDog
    today I was testing my co worker to see if he's really a jw. with simple things like god bless you when you cough. asked about his birthday and remember he wished me happy birthday a few months ago. he bought a few beers which sometimes we drink after work , so I got the feeling he is over the lashing I gave him last week and may figure I really know what i'm talking about. he even clinked glasses and said cheers salud sp. So he accepts my ride home and I ask him you coming to work tomorrow? he says yes but he's coming in 2 hours early so he can leave for 2 hours. this is new coming in early since I busted him and I don't think he wants me to say anything to the boss he's covering his ass. I told him I know all about it, how the wt will tell you meetings are more important than work. and you should quit your job it keeps you from meetings. then i TOLD HIM THE story about the coca cola man that the jw's told to quit his job because he delivered to the navy base. he said that is crazy. I said that's what they teach. at the same time they own stocks in wall st. in co's that make weapons for the navy. then i told him the wt has stock in phillip morris the cigarette co. now he finally asks me a question. Is that Marlboro cigarettes etc.? I said yes and other brands. so he said they are making $$$ OFF THIS. is said jw's were allowed to smoke till 1973 then you had 6 months to quit or get df'ed funny how it took the wt 15 years longer than the gov't to figure out smoking is a sin and causes cancer. he was miffed by what I was telling him but I kept it very lite. I switched into blood and transplants and how they flipped flopped transfusions and transplants saying in the 1920's jesus was going to use blood to take away all desease how in 1949 the wt said transfusions was good then in 62 ban blood now in 2000 you can take factions, and how many jw's died from these ever changing rules. i asked him that i counted about 30+ times the wt said the end of the world or the tribultion etc. and through out a bunch of dates and told him they said this all in jeh or jesus' name if it was truth jehovah can't lie. how is he leading this org? he tried to say they are just men , but I told him you can't print this stuff in jehovahs name say god said it then say you made a mistake but if jw's don't believe it they hate god. he agreed with me. and I think I'm getting into his head. I'm keeping it lite , which is not my style. I said if you have any questions about the wt or bible. I would tell him what I know. He's a very nice man and hard worker, I think he's getting sucked in by a family member that just got sucked in also. I know he;s going to the hall tomorrow and they are going to tell him I'm an apostate this is going to be a slow job. I may go to work with a bible in my bag ot maybe some old wts. the guy never preaches or has wt pubs so I'll go slow. any advice from the good ppl here would not hurt. jwd
  • jhine

    Great work JYD , keep it up . You may have been able to step in early enough to wake this man up before he gets too indoctrinated .


  • Driving Force
    Driving Force


    Good for you, I'll buy you a beer when we meet up!

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Nice JYD. Just keep asking questions - get him to think/ask/answer - then provide the evidence.

    It always worked for Columbo!

  • krejames
    Yeah as Searcher said, evidence is the key. Don't tell him anything you can't back up with concrete evidence otherwise it is just hearsay that his witness contacts will refute and use to undermine your credibility.
  • Crazyguy
    Take a copy of the 1984 WT with the this generation will not die on it also any pre 95 Awake where on the mast head it's states the Creator's promise.
  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Captives of a Concept, Math 24:45-47 and Prov 4:18 or Light getting brighter.

    I'M also reverse witnessing to a buddy that has JW in his dept. so that he does not get pulled in. It all makes so much sense at first until you dig deeper. Do your own diligence. No one would ever get to baptism if they did.

  • jhine

    The Searcher , would it help then if JYD purchased a scruffy raincoat and beat up old car ?


  • Gayle

    Print out and give him a copy:

    Tell him check:

    a good initial source with simple layout, quoting WT literature.

  • steve2

    the guy never preaches or has wt pubs so I'll go slow. any advice from the good ppl here would not hurt. jwd

    You said it well: Go slow.

    You did share quite a few topics with him - and I'd wonder if his poor head was spinning. Did he respond or say anything? How did he react? Do you know whether he was taking it all in?

    To back up your intention to "go slow", remember that less is more.

    Better to give him one or two issues to really think about that to risk bewildering him with a tsunami of issues.

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