I talked to a d/f sister at the dance club,,,,made me sick.......

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  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    Well, LyinEyes, another story to the list of reasons never to go back.

    I left the borg 15 years ago, and have been working as a Bar Manager ever since, oh the stories I could tell on JW's, one day when I have LOTS of time.

    How many times I've seen this, they want to party it up, screw everyone they can, do the drug thing, and just go crazy and then go back, repent like nothing ever happened, then tell others (young ones) not to do this.

    Like the previuos replys, it spells HYPOCRITE. What a bunch of losers.

    At least it was not a total loss, you have reaffirmed to yourself that you're not going back. Sometimes once in a while we need a little reminder as to why we left.

  • Maverick

    You left because you outgrew the control filled lifestyle. She was put out as a part of their control policy. You are totally different places. You were better off talking to the wall. You have real love, she has real fear. Nice try anyway. Maverick

  • LyinEyes

    Well I went out again last nite, and the d/f sister was there again, this time without her son, and boy was she having a blast. I even danced with her to some old school music, KC and the sunshine band, YMCA , that kind of stuff, and when the song came on "we are family" Sister Sledge we really did connect to each other over that one........lol, since we used to be spiritual sisters. We laughed and I was at least glad she was out living her life and having a good time. THis is not a place that is rough and rauchy at all and I hope that she sees that there is nothing wrong with going out dancing even if she does go back and gets reinstated. Maybe if she stays out long enough she will not want to give that all up,,,,,,,,,plus she had a few guys there she was very glad to see, that were not JW's . So I am just going to be nice to her and see what happens, she was fine with me last nite so I guess she isnt too afraid that my apostacy will rub off on her. You never know what she might decide to do with her life, now that she is out in the world a little bit. Maybe she will feel like I do , that not all worldly people are as bad as the JW's say they are, and it will make her start doubting herself, and her decision to one day go back . Or she could be like so many others who get reinstated and just live a double life.......... I could care less personally if she wants to do that as long as she doesnt treat me as dirt for being what I am , and doesnt act like a hypocrite, seems like she was in a different state of mind last nite.

  • Swan


    It's an important lesson to learn. Even when people aren't in the cult, the cult may still be in them. It is also a hard lesson to learn. Keep telling yourself what I do:

    "It's not my job to preach anymore."

    Maybe the best thing for you to do is just be her friend.


  • Prisca
    seems like she was in a different state of mind last nite.

    Maybe she thought about a few things you said. And quite possibly, she's happy to see another ex-jw - someone who understands where she's been, so she probably is reaching out to you on a sub-conscious level.

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